Fuel Pours Out Carb, Stranded

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by schwinchopper, Dec 15, 2006.

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  1. I was rode to school today and when I got out of class the tank was empty, today I went back to fill it up with my gas can and the gas just poured out of the carb onto the ground, fast not slow. My Fuel Valve was in the off position and the throttle was all the way forward. I figured it would finish dripping in a bit so I left and came back an hour later. NO GAS IN THE TANK eventhough I had just put in about 2 cups worth.

    question 1: Where is the fuel leaking out?
    question 2: What Should I do to keep the fuel from emptying out of the tank?
    question 3: Does the throttle cable being open allow for all the fuel to drain out?

  2. Steve

    Steve Guest

    Sounds to me like you have two problems...first the fuel valve on the tank is not turning off correctly, and second, the float needle and seat in the carburetor is leaking. The leaking needle and seat is the most serious. Most carburetors have a float, which actually floats in the fuel boul, and opperates a needle that goes against a seat and shuts off the fuel flow when the boul is at the proper level of fuel. If the needle and seat leaks, the fuel flow to the carb will not stop and the carb over fills and the fuel runs out and either into the engine, or out on the ground.

    You will need to remove the carb and either clean the debris out of the needle and seat, or replace a damaged needle and seat. In either even, the carb needs to come off and apart.

    Sometimes a needle can be stuck open, and gently tapping on the side of the carb with something like a plastic screwdriver handle will un-stick it.
  3. Edward

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    Your float bowl might have vibrated loose and will try to make you into a Budhist war protester. This happened to me once and it has made me a firm believer in loctiteing the bowl screws on the first assembly. Thats what your symptoms seems to be.
  4. I had this exact problem and my Dad took the carb apart - cleaned the gunk out from the needle/seat area and it worked fine afterwards.
  5. gone_fishin

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    a quick note, make sure the throttle adjustments actually allow the needle to return to full-seat position, it could be that simple. when properly adjusted, you should be able to hear the slide hit top and bottom.
  6. thanks all

    Well it turns out that the problem was in the Brass Cylinder in the Carb. It is sticking inside when I give it throttle and I just went out and bought some 000 steel wool to try and clean out the problem. Gona go get messy now and find out if this will fix it. Thanks for your awesome help.
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    Sometimes if you tighten up the top piece of the carb that holds the throttle cable it will deform the cylinder that the brass piece moves in and it will stick. I had the same problem on my HT engine but the throttle was just sticking, not leaking. If thats the problem you can squeeze the part back into shape with some adjustable pliers.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about these very old threads. We are moving 2 stroke engine related threads from the frame mount area to the new 2 stroke area.