Fuel problem with friction drive motor

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by bilboby, May 19, 2010.

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    Having ridden the rear friction drive a couple of times now i've this morning noticed the gas tank is nearly empty despite filling it up only two day's ago. I've ridden the MB for less than 10 miles and have read that other MB comarades are getting upto 100 mile minimum with their rides thus as i'm not very mechanically minded are such fuel claims true or is their a problem with the engine? Our grandson suggest's i adjust a screw around the Carb area but i have no idea what he's on about + he's 800 miles away so he can't get up here for doing what he say's. Any idea's on what he's on about? Afterall if riding a MB turn's out to be more expensive than the car for short 50 mile journey's i know which one i'll choose.


    NB: Best i also mention that the gas tank is a large type that came with the kit and fit's on top of the roller housing but tank size i have know idea.

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    Sounds like something is leaking to me. Do you turn off your tank valve when you park it? Could be leaking through the carb.

    Also, I believe the tank is about 2 liters, or roughly 1/2 gallons.
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    Most probably doesn't have a shut-off with that style tank.
    Notice any leaks around the bike? Probably not or you would have mentioned it.
    Anyone stealing gas?

    2 stroker, is it smoking a lot when underway? Maybe it'll settle down when it's broken in.
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    Cheer's guy's for your replies and though i've not noticed any fuel leakage on or around the engine housing it's possible that it could occur when riding? I'll certainly look into your suggestions very thoroughly as i'm hoping for a MB ride to the Eiffel Tower this afternoon and don't wish for buying another tank full of liquid gold.

    Re Happy Valley: The stealing of gas is one i'm very concerned about hence i daren't leave the MB unattended out of sight even when i'm in a Parisien café enjoying a few beer's admiring the young beautiful french ladies, lol . What other method's are used by the MB community for preventing such happening's occurring? I've thought about completely enclosing the gas tank in a aluminium or wooden box type housing but that would only increase the weight thus eat up more gas. Mind you it can't be worse than the gas being used up now.

    Thank's again MB comarades
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    Do use caution when thinking about closing up the tank. Best to let the fumes vent and not build up and become trapped. Perhaps you could rig up a locking device over the fill cap?
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    Well the Eiffel Tower ride did not go without any hitches along the way but for the ride back to the Chateau the MB rode like a good woman. Still lost quite a bit of gas but seemed to equal out the longer the motor weared in/settled down so i guess this is usual with such cheap engines? Also experienced some very bad vibration from the motor (if you've ever been in a Plane that's hit bad turbulence you'll know what i mean lol) which after adjusting a screw seemed to stop the vibration to almost acceptable. Also had problem's with the various nut's/bolts etc which because of the vibration they were coming loose. Another problem is that of the back wheel as i cannot figure out how to stop the wheel moving from it's central position to where it end's up rubbing against the inside wheel frame, thus ceasing up and hence the MB coming to an embarassing stop in full view of it's admiring French public. Fortunately for all the little niggles that occured during the MB's first long haul (22km) ride i took along the tool kit so delay's were minimal. This afternoon look's a scorcher here so will try riding a bit further (40km total) again taking the tool kit just incase. So there we have it comarades my first real MB experience and boy what fun it was infact i'm not to ashamed too say that for an old man i felt like a young kid who'd accidently been locked up inside a Chocolate factory for the night LoL.

    Cheers and happy riding
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    If that tire is rubbing against the frame , even a little, that is friction, & will cause excessive gas consumption. Make sure you have the correct axle nuts, center the wheel & tighten firmly. Also, I am not sure of your tank size, but most are so small that we do have to refill often, so it seems like we aren't getting the mileage we should. Hot weather , parking in the sunlight, causes some evaporation, too. Excessive roller pressure against the tire will make it use more gas as well. So will tires that are low on air. Try setting the motor to where there is about 1/4" [ 6mm. ] deflection on the tire. If the motor seems to be running pretty good when the wheel is centered, I wouldn't try to adjust the carburetor, yet.
    Try the above tips & go from there.
    PARIS, the land of Solexes , is beautiful. How are the laws pertaining to motorized bikes over there ?
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    Cheers for the help and i'll be following up on your advice. Likewise with the advice given from other member's with matter's concerning 'Getting started into MB's' from other thread i've posted on this site.

    As for the French laws pertaining to MB's? I'm not sure what actually the laws are over here but i do know that any motorized vehicule over 49cc need's a simple drivers licence. When we moved over here i brought with us a Puzey Powerboard EVO 2x for our teenage grandson to use ofwhich he did with great pleasure. Unfortunately, he was stopped by the national police and asked to produce documents that
    1: he was the owner of the Scooter
    2: he was in insured for riding the Scooter
    3: he was then told that such vehicules are not allowed to be ridden on main roads nor footpath's, but only on private land.

    Alas following the 3rd response the Scooter was confiscated by the police ofwhich i received a call from them demanding i visit the police station to have the riot act read to me concerning use of unauthorized vechicules on French roads. Alas needless too say, unfortunately the scooter was never returned but friend's of our's have reported seeing member's of the Paris police riding around street's with such a Scooter hence could it be the one that was confiscated from my grandson i ask myself? Especially given that such Scooters EVO 2x were very rare and i'd say that the one confiscated was indeed that which belonged to our grandson. Still!! They might of got the EVO but i've still got another spare which is in need of dire repair but i'll pass on that one thus i'm thinking the Active 49cc could be used for another MB project.

    I suppose if a bicycle is modified so as to be powered by a small motor then yes the same laws would apply for riding a MB as that for the Scooter. On saying that, let's not forget that young kid's 12/14yrs are often seen here riding on the road's powered by small 49cc bike's with no licence but are legal so my theory is that if those are legal then h*ll fire my MB is as well.

    Regards and good riding
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    An Aussie friend's bike !!

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