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  1. #teamblackberry

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    hi everyone i need help i was installing an inline fuel filter today everything went fine i got the filter on the right direction than as i was storing it i turned the fuel valve to the off position and it started leaking... i tightened the fasteners and the problem is still the same does snyone have any remedies to this

  2. cloud_2901

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    rocksolidengines sell a fuel petcock that hopefully won't leak, i've ordered one, hasn't turned up yet though but should be better than the stock
  3. #teamblackberry

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    Yea seems to me the only way of fixing this is replacing do you think a local auto store will sell a fuel petock
  4. cloud_2901

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    Try a lawnmower supply shop?

    Otherwise look on ebay or some other motorized bike website.
  5. motorpsycho

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    the problem with trying to find a shut off valve for one of these gas tanks at a store is the threads.
    the threads are metric, but they are very poorly done.
    even if you do find a shut off valve with metric threads small enough, it may not even screw into the tank because of the way the threads are cut in the tank bung.

    take the screws out of the valve and take it apart. you will probably find an or-ring in there. maybe try to replace the o-ring inside of it.
  6. #teamblackberry

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    There is a rubber gasket type kinda thing in there an the o-ring doesn't make a difference when I replaced the o-ring luckly for me a local part store had a simlar valve that worked and they installed it for me it costed 5 candian
  7. motorpsycho

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    wow that's cool that you got one and it worked.
  8. cloud_2901

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    yeah motorpsycho I couldn't find one to fit the tank thread at any shops down here in Hobart, Tasmania, couldn't even find new head studs so going to have to order some of those too. . .
  9. #teamblackberry

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    Ill see if I have time today to post a pic today to show you guys what valve I used and you probaly will get a general Idea here in canada there is a place called princess auto which is were I purchased my valve
  10. 074KU

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    Very simple fix for the standard fuel shut off valve.

    Remove both retaining screws for top plate.

    Throw the flat washer and wave washer out.

    Run fuel lever part over an oil stone by hand to remove worst of the high spots. (flat side down :grin5:)

    Replace flat and wave washer with rubber O ring (I don't know what size it is other than "13" from my O ring kit.

    Your done. Have done this simple mod on my bike and haven't had a fuel leak since.

    Additionally you may want to put a wind or two of teflon thread tape over the valves thread if you removed it from the tank. (Not that I have had any leaks from there.) This mod has the added bonus of making the valve a little more stiff to operate, this helped me as I had a knack for shutting the fuel off with my thigh as I rode.
  11. motorpsycho

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    That sounds pretty good, but there is an easier way.
    take the fuel shut off to the hardware store and get a barbed brass straight fitting with the same threads (this is a very common item). it will screw right into the tank in place of the shut off valve. (wrap the threads with teflon tape) then get yourself an in line shut off valve for a lawnmower (about $5.00), put it in your fuel line and you're done. fortunatly, I have a carb with a built in shut off valve and the brass fitting was only $1.29. I used an in line shut off valve on my other bike because it has a custom tank with 2 fuel line outlets and It will not accept shut off valves.
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