Fuel Tank Alternatives?

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    Hey all just posting this because I've been having some serious problems with major fuel leaks when I've been riding even way out from my shop. I need to know if theirs anywhere I can get good quality fuel tanks, everything else runs great on my bike but the tank keeps failing. I'm not over tightening the bolts, I've even tried rubber mounts and its still cracking and leaking here's some pictures so you can have a idea. First tank had a stress fracture around the petcock, jb weld worked to fix it. Second issue the tank with the petcock issue just ended up snapping a stud right off after about 300 miles and then I took the tank of my other bike and its leaking bad around the top studs but i jb welded them all. I really just want a bolt on tank made of better steel please recommend something.
    20150923_180025[1].jpg 20150923_180035[1].jpg 20150923_180043[1].jpg 20150923_180054[1].jpg 20150923_182709[1].jpg

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    Hey there

    Maybe you could try a junk yard. I was thinking a 4 wheeler tank with some j.b weld and zip-ties. Or maybe a plastic tank. If I see one I will link it.

    I know I’m not very helpful

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    a lot of people use tanks off top tank mopeds
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    Went for a ride today and the job weld is working for the leaks thankfully looks like I'll be buying another tank, putting jb on all the welds and repainting it as a back up thanks.
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    Do you put anything under the tank before you snug it up?

    What I've done when using those kit tanks is use a piece of foam pipe insulation on the top tube (~$2 at Ace) and then PVC tape the ends before putting the tank on.

    You don't have to tighten the tank straps all that much. The tank can still rotate slightly, but vibrations are cut down enough so that the studs don't want to pull out.
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    Just used the old tire tubes Ill have to remember that for next time thanks for the information!
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    hi i like to stick the tank on with silicone then the bolts are just for looks and you can rip off the tank if you had to and for the tank i made one out of cardboard just how i like it to look and painted it with fiberglass it sokes in and becomes one with cardboard or paper pore some in the tank and move it around cover all the in side . to get the pole shape just put some old material pants or top over the frame and paint it with fiberglass cut off the parts you need and stick it under the tank . if you crack the tank just fix the hole or crack with fiberglass i will try to get i pic of my one
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    DSC_0074.jpg this one is balsawood and jeans for the bottem
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    image.jpeg image.jpeg I know this thread is a little older now and you probably found a fix bu I used a piece of 150mm aluminium tube and used resin as end caps durafix/duralloy to braise on a cap and sealed the whole thing with Calswell tank sealer