fuel valve/line problem?

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    hello i just got my 80cc kit but the fuel line seems to not be feed correctly after awhile it becomes dry but when i unplug the line from the fuel valve the gas pours right out and when i put it back on what fuel goes down the line seems to work just fine but still cant get it to stay constantly dripping into line any thoughts?
    the line seems to stay dry at the top and when i ride when the fuel runs out and just cant seem to refill
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  2. crassius

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    there is a very fine mesh filter at the top - it often won't let air back out of the line, so the line looks empty but flows well when you ride it - no biggie
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    couldnt put it better myself.

    plain old surface tension. you can fret over it if you want, but if the engines running...why do so?

    if it really annoys you, try undoing line at carb, hold the end up over the tank, then slowly lower it and let it fill gradually.
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    not that it botherd my just kept drying up in the middle of my ride and i have to like flick it or pull it off and back on so it would fill the line back up i read around a lil and i think i figured it out the fuel filter seem to be leaking air slowly now i taped it off it seems to slowly drip into the line like yall said ty very much for info imma ride some more see if its fixed