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    hey im new to the gas powerered... i have a 66/80cc motor and i was wondering insted of the recomended fule mix if the was a different type that would make it go faster??? :idea: and if not could i change from a 41 spoke to a 35 spoke... would that make me go a little bit gaster if the 41 spoke made me go about 30ish??? and what spoke ration would i need to go 45mph??? thank you!! :grin5:

  2. Pablo

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    Whoa..........maybe it's best you slow down and read a bit. Not trying to be rude but you are asking a LOT in a couple three lines.

    Starting out 20:1 or 25:1 with a good 2 stroke oil will be good. Oil ratios won't give you new found power. It's more complex than that.

    45 mph. Forget about that right now. Understand the basics first. You are 14, don't kill yourself. "41 spoke"? "Spoke ration"? Yes it's possible to change gear ratios, (teeth number) to achieve low end acceleration torque or a tiny bit more top end speed. But your engine tuning is the limiting factor, that I write with no doubt. Find out how to properly tune your engine. Step 1.
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    good advice there
    for now keep that THING oiled good
    leaning it way out will not improve top speed that much
    and can toast an engine all too soon

    there are very few motorized bicycles here that go 45mph
    ever consider a small motor cycle ??

    ride that thing
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    engine probably isn't an angle fire... get an angle fire head from zoombicycles.com. It takes about 5 minutes to swap out... its just the 4 bolts on the top of your engine. Remove them take the old head off put new one on and screw the 4 bolts down tight. Make sure you use a locking washer so that the bolts dont come loose, and center the head in the middle of the gasket exactly where the old one was.. Use a new spark plug....

    I recommend an NGK BP6HS or NGK BP5HS from sickbikeparts.com. While you are there pick up a high performance plug wire and hd air filter.

    PM me when you get the parts so I can tell you how to put the plug wire in.

    Go with the bigger sprocket on the back... you will have the torque.

    Always wear a good skateboard or motorcycle helmet (make sure it is strapped on and tight), pants with shoes (laces tied), and a good long sleeve shirt when you ride this thing...

    Falling off a bike at 5 mph is one thing... falling off at 35 mph is totally different.... you can really hurt yourself fast.
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    I moved this to the correct forum, as it didn't belong in the General Bicycle Repair & Modification section. I wouldn't be so anxious to try to get a motorized bike up to 45mph. Believe me, you'd need a small enough rear sprocket to achieve 45mph that your hill climbing ability will suffer. Also, remember, these are bicycles and they aren't as big and heavy (read: stable) as a motorcycle. Doing 45 is possible, but can be scary fast on a bicycle. Also, as vtec said above, ALWAYS wear a bone-dome!
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    For having fun, I would concentrate on, like Pablo said, getting it running right and smooth first...and I wouldn't worry so much about top speed- to me, having power to accelerate is more important than top speed- and with a single ratio, you hurt that ability- severely- when going for pure top speed.

    Another vote for a helmet here. I have a son slightly younger than you and if he dared ride anything motorized without a helmet, long pants, proper shoes, and long sleeves, that would be his last ride for a while.