Full build details on my home-made friction drive


Thats one nice Friction Drive, I Love the way you did the drive channel, kinda original, that open top. Haven't seen that before.. Man you could sell those things !!! What would it cost to build one if you had to pay for material not including the engine???
bearing mounting?

BEAUTIFUL JOB! It looks great!
I loved the presentation but I couldn't find any reference to how you held the 1/2" bearings (from BikeMotorParts) in the frame.
In other words, what keeps the bearings in place?

He did a nice job with that, didn't he. Haven't seen johnny around for some time so I until he gets back.....

The bearings have snap ring retainers, and the rings go on the outside of the channel.
The inboard bearing is up against the clutch drum and the outboard bearing is held in place by a shaft collar.

BTW, I've picked up the same bearings for 3 bucks each at a local supplier.
This bike is now for sale.
250 no more no less
you guys know how much this thing is worth
local pickup in san jose only.