Full Retro Worksman in progress

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  1. Sgt. Howard

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    Here we see shots from a month ago or better, as there were issues trying to post this. The tanks are a mock-up, but the oil tank/toolbox and gas caps & fonts are real. Still in the process of getting the engine to fit- can it be done without frame modification? Also, the 'dark hunter green' by rustoleum suits my fancy just fine, so that's where it's going. To be titled;
    "Howard & Sons, model 1912"
    The two tanks that straddle the top bar of a worksman hold 1.5 gallons between them. This is the 1912 style, based after HD of that year. The straight-top worksman mimics the 1909-1911 HDs and that tank set will also be looked into. They will not mount the same way as HDs, but look will look similar. Separate fillspouts, separate glass bowl filter traps and the whole works.

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  2. pedalslow

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    Dude that is so freaking cool man I have a worksman trike that needs some work I would like to put a motor on it later.
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    Looks great. I'll look forward to seeing the finished result. Will it be stainless steel? I'm hoping to make something similar for mine.
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    Common 18 gauge weldable sheet steel- I am not yet clever enough with a wire feed to weld stainless- only got the thing two months ago. Just finishing up the right tank, ready to cut and bend the left one. I will document that process and share the images, it's really quite interesting
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    Here is the first welding of a gas tank I have ever done in my life. The wire feed machine I am working with has less than three hours of actual uneducated welding time by my hand, and all the welds you see are second-time beads after grinding with some spot welding afterwards. In other words, this is a learning process for me. This is the front half of the right tank you see that has been welded, the back half I dare not do until I figure out how to hook up the feed line. All things in time- I expect the left tank to go much easier

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    Really nice for being a first time welder. My first welding looks like butt. I was using a MIG welder though- the bike paint was burning off and causing some gas bubble issues or something.