Full Size Sports Chopper Suspension

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  1. wyldstallions

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    I love Los Angeles. I love pedaling my bicycle all over town. The some parts of the road are really old and broken and bumpy. Any kind of suspension would help the over all durability.

    These are really cool. It may only take a few welds to put an engine on these. The forks on them will probably fit a lot of bikes.

    I saw these:

    They look good. I'm still working on a few of my own stalkers (yes, mine grow). People like them.

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  2. skrufryder

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    Yeah those are good forks.. I have a pair of marzzochi bombers on one of the bikes I am putting together...Way better than those schwinn springers
  3. buzbikebklyn1

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    I have a question wild-
    On the blue bike... why does it have 2 shocks? there's a fox air shock vizable the center of the frame AND a big coil over at the swing arm... I've never seen that before.
    But then we don't do much big hit riding around here.
    Does it pre load the coil over via a linkage?
  4. wyldstallions

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    I'm really not sure, these are not mine but I think it's worth exploring. Suspension helps most vehicles that travel more than 20 mph, why not not a chopper? Why not have a chopper that can go off roading? A chopper doesn't have to be low to the ground to look good.
  5. any idea what type of frame that it is of the white bike? or if the rear wheel is just smaller... seems so.
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  6. wheelbender6

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    The only drawback I see to using these forks on a motorbike is that the front wheel will usually need to accomodate a 20mm thru axle. The thru axle wheel costs more but it's bullet proof.