Full suspension bikes compatible with happytime motor/SBP shift kit

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  1. cvxdes

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    I've been scouring the internet, looking for frames with full suspension, that I can put a happytime motor in. So far, I've found these:
    GT LTS
    GT RTS
    Marin F.R.S.
    Giant XtC NRS

    There were a few bikes that were extremely unpopular, so I didn't bother to list them.

    Anyways, if anybody could contribute to the list, I'm searching for a good frame. I thought I'd just make it public knowledge, so if anybody else is looking, they could find it easier. The more frames to search for, the easier it's going to be for me to find. I'm planning a nice build with the SBP shift kit and a 80cc happytime, it's going to be great. It's a good winter project.

  2. FWIW - Pipelyne makes the frame Easy Rider has on his build (the second one)...They will do one offs but frame is made specifically for the Morini engine BUT one could probably adapt it to HT use.

    Hope this helps.


    PS - Good thread since I was only aware of the GT bikes and Pipelyne....
  3. Ghost0

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    Here are some more
    Manitou FS 1993
    2006 Mountain Cannondale Scalpel 2000
    I also saw a Specialized FS frame that will work but I can't remember the model.
  4. cvxdes

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    Some more I dug up
    Scott Genius mc10
    GT I-Drive 6.0

    I'm going to go pick up my GT LTS on Saturday, but for some reason I'm still looking.
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  6. Ghost0

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    These will not work.
    Scott Genius mc10
    GT I-Drive 6.0
    Giant XtC NRS
    Either not enough room for an engine or the suspension is in the way.

    Added photos of the good ones besides the one mentioned above.

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  7. LocustsOfSteel

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    This is a great idea, and i hope it comes to completion.
    My bike hurts my a$$ when i ride offroad and over bumpy roads, so this would be a good next build for me.
    Has anyone completed a full suspension bike with a shifter kit as of yet?
  8. Ghost0

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    Here is one.

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  9. ZnsaneRyder

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    NICE BIKES!!! Where do you buy a full suspension bike like these?
  10. LocustsOfSteel

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    No way... WOW!
    Nice one Ghost, is that yours?
  11. fetor56

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    I've searched for AGES & can't find one in Oz......elusive critters.
  12. Troph

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    Anyone know how much rear travel the marin or the manitou have? the design doesnt look like you would get much especially after a jackshaft is put behind the seat post.

    Edit: I guess it does hing at the same point as the others but it just looks like an inferior design to me. excellent Thread too.
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  13. machiasmort

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    Wanted to bring this back to the top of the list. Might help with my next build if I can locate one reasonably priced!
  14. cvxdes

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    If you're looking for a GT LTS, I got one. I was getting it all nice to install the kit.. and then I just bought my first car. This is going to have to be a project for sometime down the line. Anyways, it's got custom CNC machined shock mounts in the back to fit an upgraded shock. There's an air shock in there now, but it leaks. Also have some rockshock dart forks on the front, but I never bothered getting the brakes hooked up. Let me know if you're interested.
  15. Hawaii_Ed

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    All the GT LTS bikes I can find in hawaii are in the $1k range :( Way over my cheap budget! I want to build an off-roader next, but might just end up with a cheap dirt bike instead :)
  16. Kent CS full suspension

    My son and I built one on this bike. Worked well but it needed autotensioner on chainring chain as there is no room to move the motor up and down to adjust it. This bike rides like a motor cycle. projectfsjs1.jpg fsjs2.jpg :grin5:
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  17. JTinFL

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    Auto Tensioner

    Very interested in the tensioner you fabricated.Would you mind giving me some help on how to make.Looks simple but effective.Just finished my first bike with shift kit.
  18. Fabian

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  19. I took the "HT kit" tensioner. cut off the part that goes around the frame. made the slot alittle longer. Trimed one side so the slotted bar would fit on to the bottom clamp of the SBP sift kit. Then I welded the piece I cut off back on to the sloted piece to make the pivot point for the swing arm. It adjusts in and out, The arm was made from1 1/2 3/16 strap. Spring is attached by drilling a small hole in tensioner swingarm and one in the SBP kit right side bearing plate. Simple to do if you weld and have a Dremel tool.

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  20. JTinFL

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    Thanks guys for ideas on tensioners.That's was so great about this forum.People such as yourselves sharing ideas collectively.Sure amounts to a wealth of knowledge for everyone.And the best part is a lot of these ideas are carried out with what's on hand and a lot of ingenuity.