Full suspension bikes


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May 13, 2008
There's not a lot of full suspension bikes that I've seen that can take a happytime motor, but I think I found one that MAY be able to fit one, with a little messing around.


The only thing I know about it is that the brand is Triax, and it's is or was sold at Target. I'm buying it through craigslist.

I'm thinking of just putting a sprocket on the left side of the crank and taking off the petals, then welding a metal pipe in the middle of the frame that will allow the rear suspension travel, while allowing the motor to be bolted on. It would be like a dirt bike.. I'll be able to use both shifters with no jackshaft. It may be tough to start up, though. I'll have to buy a pull start.

What do you guys think of the idea?

Hmmmm interesting thought about adding an extra tube...only issue with that might be that the area in the new "triangle" would be too small for the engine?....I guess it may work but hopefully you will be starting off with a large enough frame to avoid the space issue....(usually it's a carb or spark plug clearance issue) but they can be generally worked around.

I am not sure about what you meant by saying putting the sprocket on the left side of the crank and taking the pedals off....what would the sprocket on the left of the crank be for?....If you remove the pedals where would you rest your feet?

I have heard people buying a pull start for their engines (may require a little modifications tho if I recall correctly)....if you go the pull start route you may have to watch crank clearance....they do sell a wider crankset tho..

Oh....only other thing I can think of is the need for a chain tensioner that will keep the proper chain tension as the rear suspension moves up and down....You will proabably have to fab that up.

I am anxiously awaiting pics of your build...Good luck!


FWIW - I think some of the older GT frames had the rear suspension all behind the seat tube....that would be probably easier to start with (actually I think Easy Rider has a set up like that)
I've only seen full suspension bikes successfully motorized with rackmount setups. I think I saw one or two frame mount HT with dual suspension but it looked like there was a lot of fabrication involved. Look into GEBE or Staton kits to motor that thing up. As an added bonus their engines are Japanese so they're much higher quality.