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    I posted a few weeks ago that I was about to start a new full suspension build, well the parts have arrived.

    Thought I should give a bit of background, I bought a secondhand commuter bike with a happy time motor. I have since decided to embark on a new project with a full suspension bike. This is my first full build, I have previously reinstalled just about everything on my old bike which has given me some experience.

    Having had the odd share of to be expected problems with old bike I have taken the time to research and go with what has been tried and tested. This is a complete build of bike and motored bike from the ground up, I have just about finished it but mamaged to get some time spare so I thought I would start my build thread.

    Frame: Salsa Caballero Full Suspension '03 - Ebay purchase
    Forks: Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 1 - Chain Reaction Cycles
    Rear Suspension: Manitou RL - CRC
    Wheels: Double walled rims with disc brake hubs, 20mm front axle - CRC
    Brakes: Hayes HFX-9 Disc brakes front and rear w\ 6" Rotors - CRC
    Bottom Bracket: SBP 131.5mm Cartridge Complete
    Throttle & Gears: SBP 8 spd SRAM Twist Shift
    Cassette: SBP Megarange 11-34 Shimano 8 Speed
    Engine: Rock Solid Engines

    I have decided to create a REALLY tough and light mountain bike that is adaptable to a happy time motor with a SBP shift kit. This will be a daily commuter doing around 25km's and I needed something that will be comfortable and last.

    I got the local bike store to prep the frame and put together the bottom bracket, rear cassette and headset. The first pic is of the bare frame, the second pic is the bike just about built. I have since finished the bike build and took it for a quick ride before I started the motor\shift kit installation. Rides like a dream, hardly feel any bumps, went up a few curbs and the bike absorbed it beatifully.

    I must admit I was quite undecided at times on wether to put the motor on such a nice bike. But I did specifically buy the frame to suit a happy time motor. I started with the shift kit first and it all went together great, I had to file down one of the casted rear clutch case supports to fit the plate to the back of the clutch, apart from that everything was as per instructions.

    I took Fabian's advice and have got some 1mm Stainless Steel and modified the engine mounts to spread the load of the clamps. I also had to modify the throttle to use the twist shift cable. I took the cable adjuster off the carby and have used that with the twist shift adjuster. The engine wouldnt fit in the frame with the carby cable adjuster screwed in, the cable end cap is now threaded straight into the top by persuasion. I used the original throttle sheath with the twist shift cable then woulnd wire and soldered the carby end of the cable.

    The handle bars have the gears, front brake and clutch on the left with the throttle and rear brake on the right. That is about where i am up to at the moment have got the engine, cdi, fuel tank fitted too.

    I just need to fit the chain tensioner for the shift kit, NGK spark plug cap and shorten the clutch cable. Then I can give it a quick double check and take it for a run. I will take some more pics and post them to show the build in detail. First priority though will be to finish it, hopefully will be able to take it for a test run tomorrow.

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    Sweet, can't wait for some photos. I think a dual pull brake lever would be of great help to clean up your bars. Here is a photo of mine for some inspiration.

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    Sounds great! I am looking for a full suspension frame myself!
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    A few more pics

    The pics show exactly where I am up to. Ghost I would love to use the dual brake lever but I didnt think that suited hydraulic brakes.

    Rang the boss and asked for a day off..... Today will be the day, will definately get it finished. Will post the completed pics and may even see If I can upload a video when I have it running.

    I am going to have to be patient breaking the motor in, I know it will be really tempting to give the gears a good workout.

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  5. That is sweeeet. Lets see a pic of the whole bike. It's great to see new suspension frames that can accomodate the frame mount drive train. Salsa cabalero, my new ebay search. I'd love to know what she actually weighs in at too.
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    Nice bike mang! I see the problem with the carb, but should work nice! Good job!
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    Ya hydraulic brakes do make it a bit more complicated.

    Was wondering why you still have 2 grip shifters on the bars. Also don't see a throttle assembly, are you using a thumb throttle? Nevermind, it pays to actually read your first thread.

    My GT weighs in at 62 lbs.
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    Well it took a bit longer than I thought, always planed on getting it done properly rather than quickly. Pictures that were meant to be with the first post are now attached, this shows the complete bike (well 98% of it). I will have to take some of the finished bike and post them.

    I took it for a ride and I was amazed at the difference from my old bike. I knew that the ride would be alot smoother but I cant believe the lack of vibration. I used to get the usual vibrations from my last bike, I even remounted the engine as they were pretty bad.

    Taking it nice and easy breaking the engine in, I have really noticed the improvement having the jackshaft kit. Still managing to travel at a reasonable pace without the motor breaking a sweat.

    The whole build went together really well, everything was straight forward. Had the odd worry as to be expected but all were easily fixed. I would highly recommend this frame for anyone embarking on a full suspension build, you will be very happy. Even think I have the problem solved with the lack of clearance between the top of the carby and the shock, with some research I have found that a dellorto carby should fix this nicely.

    By no means has this build been cheap, if you think buying a shift kit is too expensive then this build is definately not for you. As this is a daily commuter for me I could justify the expense and the result is unbelievable.

    If anyone is looking to build a full suspension bike I am happy to give some advice on what to look for and some feedback on what I used in the build. Im sure that there would be a few other people here that would highly recommend a full suspension motored bike. I am now very pleased to say I am one of them.

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