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    This is my first full suspension MB, not all that complex a motorizing project but the bike itself was a total rebuild. It started out literally as a bike 'n box when I got it, shown back in this winter build thread.
    bike 'n box 002.jpg
    These were made in 1998. There was some mismatch on components and a stripped crank arm but it came more or less free in a barter deal.
    A total restore followed, every moving part gone over. Front suspension fork, rear shock and swing arm pivot bushings rebuilt, all bearings redone, new crank, Richey rims relaced with heavier spokes and trued.
    I left the paint alone, it shows a bit of wear in the usual places
    but all and all not too bad. The only changes really made were the riser bars (found by the side of the road one day, repainted lol) and swapped the knobbies out for some high pressure slicks that roll real nice.
    The engine and drive are well broken in, I've had them on several different bikes and are real reliable. I fabbed some simple mount extensions from the swing arm in the front and some small brackets in the rear in place of eyelets for the back supports so not to have to drill the frame. Everything is rubber mounted so the kill switch wouldn't work on the handle bars lol, made a small post off the front bracket for the switch I can easily reach under the seat. Got a used GEBE drive assembly I traded for sitting in my shop and may eventually go with that and a Robin engine.
    One of the best things that happened was stumbling on and being warmly welcomed by a great group of guys on the Proflex Riders Group, most but not all in the UK, who love these great old bikes and keep'em running. They offered a lot of help. Through a mention there a real delight was getting to meet Bob Girvin and talk bikes with him. I found out Bob lives in a town near me and is retired now but he designed these bikes and their suspension, started the Offroad/Proflex Bicycle company just down the road from here, all made in the USA. These were the first production full suspension mountain bikes made anywhere, used Eastern Program triple butted 7005 aluminum tubing and Bob was considered a visionary in the field for that effort. He sold that company which became K2.

    Anyway, enough rambling, it was a fun project, happy with the way it turned out. Got about 100 miles on it now. As it is, it weighs 44 lbs, the adjustable offroad suspension is very smooth for street use and the bike rolls extremely well.
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    I found a full suspension bike in the trash the other day and I fitted it with one of those suspension seat posts. This bike is so smooth it feels as though the tires are soft. I hope to rack mount it with a EZ system or GeBe one day, right now I'm still running my little 80 with no real concerns. The reason I mentioned the spring loaded seat post is because it made such a difference. The Long (lone) Ranger is Bamabikeguy and he uses one of them and he the leading authority on what works and what is best.
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    Another Proflex, cool (and a frictipn drive to)They are interesting bikes.
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    Yup Van, was hoping you'd check in.
    We might have the only two Proflex MBs in existence. lol :D