full time ban on moped/motorized bicycles

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    hi all has anybody heard about new rules regarding ban on moped/motorized bicycles that supposed to be coming in as of the first of july 2009
    its not been advertised but due to no control over what will be happen
    to people caught using these bikes
    large fines and loss of licence is what i'v heard but i'm trying to find out about it as i can't afford either
    has anybody heard or being booked as i'v heard they have started to do

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    That's all of Australia or just where you live? Wow that's real tough, sorry to hear about that.
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    i heard southern messenger ran a story, as of start of june, $250 on the spot fine for excess of 200w unless you can provide certified documentation? and possible charge of driving unregisted vehicle, which now packs a $2500 fine.
    ROCK SOLID ENGINES are said to be working on a certified 200w engine, july i think?
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    is this the paper you're talking about ?

    I want to find this article now.

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    donate ticket books

    man oh man -- I thought that we had it bad

    all tickets here -- seem to be going way up in fines paid day by day now !!!
    we are no where near 2500 for non-registration
    but -- just give them time
    state is broke here -- help -- donate ticket books

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    so is it worldwide or just there?
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    Everybody here in the States could learn a lesson from this...

    They think our Politicians are out of control now.... Wait till they take away our firearms (like they did to you's). They are already doing it slowly here! Once they get the guns, here, it'll be like over there, where they ignore the people and do as they wish when they wish!
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    i think its great we have no guns!!!! i think they should do that to the states. thats why we have less murders and crime! but if they took away your guns than the ghetto thugs would just use 2x4's with nails!!
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    yep thats the one, from friday the 12th i think? my boss told me, so didnt read it myself, put the fear in me i must say!
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    I heard on the radio a few days ago, that there is a 'proposal' to ban petrol assisted bikes altogether in Tasmania. There was a meeting down in Hobart about it, I believe. Battery assist bikes, typically chinese, are no kinder to the planet, but the politicians wont be able to see that. Does anyone know what's going on with the law?
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    Hey, I just thought of something. When politicians banned our Pump Actions and Semi Automatics 10 years ago, they paid well for the "offending" articles. Would the benign dictatorship offer a "bike buy back" this time around? Was a precendent set? Any bush lawers out there? :cool:
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    ban politicians!
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    They, "the royal they", banned the E-bike without batting an eye-lid.
    So, any precedence you're after would be blown away by that, I would guess. I'm not a lawyer, and generally anyone else's opinions on the law count for nothing. Especially when dealing with the RTA.

    If you see this link,


    The picture labelled. Small motorcycle with pedals, was not on the previous
    version of this law. It was updated just for the E-Bike and other similar small scooters. A couple of Business's went bust, and many individuals suddenly
    lost their legal ride. My disgust for this change, was/is off the scale.
  17. Bikies

    Here is the article.

    Apparently it is too dangerous to ride a bike over 40-50kms per hour.

    We host the Tour Down Under in South Australia so I am going to contact the organizers and ask for an immediate ban on this event here due to it being unlawful and dangerous.

    I was going to write many strong words but didn't bother.

    It would have looked something like this - **** u***gly so ****is **** th***at ***y *** you *****h**ave a ***problem?

    We are being treated as if we are outlaw bikie gangs.

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    very glad we dont have that up here in canada! that would suck! and i beg to differ i have great control at 40kph, but i think that it should be a decent bike if you intend to go that fast, a bike in access of $1k is a good or atleast real good rims and tires aswell as breaks and a strong frame, but i hpe they dont get strict up here, as far as i know im the only gas mber in all of dundas, never seen another person besides those e bikes,
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    did you do it to yourself ???

    did you do it to yourself ??? due to high speeds on MBs ???

    I think thats why that thread was started
    the Safe Top Speed on a MB is ??
    most there are saying under 30mph

    high speeds are known to bring the pooolice
    we need to always look like a slow to mid speed bicycle
    never -- a real fast bicycle