Fumoto drain valve on HS142f

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Jul 2, 2018
Draining the oil from these engines always makes a mess. If only there was a better way...

Enter the Fumoto drain valve. With the Fumoto, you attach a hose and open the valve. No more oil dripping on the motor plate. Unfortunately, it won't screw into the crankcase without hitting the fill tube.


You little bastard.

However, the fill tube is much thicker than it needs to be (which is actually the whole problem) so it can afford to lose a little weight. Hit it with a file (or a die grinder if you're in a hurry) until it looks like this:


Drain plug and dipstick removed for photography. Leave the in place when you're filing. I ended up taking off about 3/16" and now the valve screws in nicely:


If you want to do this (and I see no reason not to, it's a worthwhile upgrade) the valve you want is F124. Or if you want a more DIY solution, any ball valve with a 10mm thread will do the job. What I like about the Fumoto is that the handle locks down, so it only opens when you really want it to.

Oil changes from this point on will be much cleaner.