fun at bikers rally



Well we finally made a bikers rally. For the past 3 yrs we have been wanting to get to the blessing of the bikes sponsored by the Iron Warriors.
on the way to the event we road the bikes along side the road as usual with all these Harleys passing us some looked back as they passed us ........later as we pulled into the event the guard at the gate snickered as we passed and where directed to the parking / display area.

The motorcycles there where AWSOME choppers WOW paint jobs that would make your jaw drop chrome EVERYWHERE there was one chopper there with a western saddle and saddle bags (tooled) (the lady that owned the bike works at a saddle shop and made the saddle for her bike (but without the horn OUCH ).

The shops where interesting but the prices where to high but that is normal but the hit of the show where these 2 little bicycles with motors we where there for 4 hours and spent 3 hours talking to bikers about the bikes and several want us to make bikes for them we had a handful of bz cards and gave out every one of them of the local TV stations was there and they where fascinated with the great great grand dad of the big bikes. If we get on the web page I will try and put the link on the site IF I can get back on the site to post as some know I have trouble getting on the site.

It may sound wild but try going to some of the local biker events those ol bikers love these things and a 1908 bike would be the hit of the show. and you will have fun.