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Quenton Guenther

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Aug 2, 2007
Outer Banks North Carolina
Just want to remind Whizzer owners on the East coast about the event taking place Oct 11 & 12th in Lewes, DE. There aren't many chances in this part of the country to swap, show off, brag, ride, and find more friends with common interest. I usually drive over 900 miles to the motorbike & vintage scooter events I have attended, so this event is close for me [under 300 miles]. I think a lot of motorbike owners in many close states should try to attend if possible, and maybe we could schedule this on an annual basis. I plan to bring a "vintage" Whizzer show bike, my 99 to ride, and a 4 stroke proto-type project I hope to complete over the next week. A swap meet is also planned, so bring some bike goodies to sell or swap. I plan to bring parts & a few rare items for the event.

Hope to see ya all there [southern talk]
Have fun,
If it turns out anything like the Ocean park rally was you guya are going to have a blast. Everyone take lot's of pictures and vidio to share with us.
taking a whizzer

will there be lots of whizzer pedals for sale seems like theres a world surplus of them no one ever uses them (JE):rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
I'm looking forward to it too! I'll be bringing three bikes, Quenton will be bringing three bikes (from the looks of things), and RdKryton will be bringing one bike (slacker). :LOL: Just kidding. If he brought his Cushman (it's a three wheeler) there wouldn't be enough room on the trailer for all of the bikes. I'm hoping to hear back from the others who were interested in coming. I wonder what they're bringing.