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    Hey y'all. I see your discussion on where to ride in San Diego. I ride from Serra Mesa/Qualcomm Stadium and take the bike path to OB. I then do sunset cliffs then mission beach and up through PB and through Clairemont then back Aero to home. Sometimes 1 tank last me sometimes not. I never get messed with around the beaches even without wearing my lid. My motorcycle days were in free AZ. However due avoid Pacific Coast hwy and Balboa and Clmt Mesa between Gennesee and kearny Villa Rd. Been hit and run several times on these roads as they are full of stupid inconsiderate people.

    Anyone that wants to cruise is welcome my email is

    I use the 67.5 cc china motor, bored, lightened, ceramic main bearings, ported, polished with 44 tooth rear sproket single speed. I'm hitting 45-50 on the flats. However my latest accident on Balboa last week, hit and run, I'm Ok, but the bike completely runned over, Engine and my custom head 1 year in the making is cracked and ruined as well as my race carb so I'm back to stock for a bit. Not really. Opening the ports and reworking the stock carb and replacing with ceramic bearings tomorrow night on my new kit before installing it. Hope to have it up and running for Sunday Beach Ride! Thats how I test and tune my friends bikes that I build.

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    dude do you weld and are you good? im in fallbrook i think i have all my parts i need help with building it, its hard to do an me?????????????
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    When it pours...

    Man, that's funny you should mention a few things like not wearing a lid and hit and run. I just got run off the road onto the sidewalk on Clmt. Mesa Blvd. last week. The idiot flew up to the red light, ran it and was gone before I could raise my head to see his license plate!

    Then day before yesterday, I got pulled over by SDPD on Grand Avenue in Pacific Beach and they were so kind to give me a ticket for not wearing a helmet!!! I was pedaling with the engine OFF and I'm 52 years old for cry'in out loud...what's up with that??? Think that's ever gonna stop me? NEVER!:tt1::cool2::evilgrin: