funny, I get a motor & people are suprised...

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by akyramoto, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. akyramoto

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    so for the last two years I've been car - free. I've ridden my bicycle ( an xtracycle) everywhere.

    I"m very excited about having the whizzer. As great as my bicycle is, it takes alot of planning for trips & it just generally takes longer to do anything. I love it but if you need something 'quick' or you didn't plan ahead you're kinda SOL.

    I've been telling people about the whizzer, they seen so shocked that I would ride/drive a 'motor vehicle'! lol I wonder if they would be more shocked if I told them I was gonna drive a v8 around!?!

    It's just so funny to me, because the way I've been living & no one else I know does this - I'm the only 'bicycle' only person I know. It's almost as if I'm cheating if I drive something.....:confused:

  2. SimpleSimon

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    You are.

    Their expectations/image of you. Which is entirely their concern, not yours. Go for it, with a motorized bike.
  3. akyramoto

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    Im totally gonna ride it. I mean how could you not want to ride something SOO awesome.

    one response I keep getting is 'but your bicycle keeps you in such great shape'

    which means ' you're gonna get fat'


    maybe I should have them pedal the whizzer maybe that'll change their minds, it's short workout, but a good one!! haha!!
  4. GasKicker

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    My best friend and I started in the motorized bike thing together. It was his idea. His bike is his only transportation.
    He's a younger man and he drives crazy. Like motocross crazy.
    He's also inept with tools and mechanics. He has more flats and breakdowns every week than I have had in six months of riding.
    So he's given it up and gone back to an ordinary bicycle.
    Everyone is so used to seeing him flying around on his moto-bike(s) they are expressing shocked disbelief when they now see him peddling around.
    Perceptions are a strange thing.