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    So you are all familiar with the different squeaks and pops and clanks and interesting sounds a 2 stroke can make.

    Here are a few things that I have noticed in the 500 miles or so I have ridden on my SD Stinger.

    1) If you get a very light tapping metal sound as if the engine sounds like its tapping something a thousand times a second, your head bolts may be loose, or too tight. I found by applying the proper torque the sound dissipated and the engine ran smoother with much better high end.

    2) If you get a clinking sound with every revolution of the wheel, its a good chance your master link is smacking the sharp edge of your cheap chain tensioner every pass. Filing down the tensioner and adjusting it by getting the chain to sit in the opposite side of the wheel that the master link is on.

    3) If you get a loud klank and or pop that sounds like metal popping and then goes away. Its likely one of the spokes was bent slightly, with lots of time, this will occur more often and make your wheel very untrue. Unless you have the concentricity of the sprocket and wheel absolutely perfect. Using the bolt mounted sprockets will just do this to just about any cheap rims. Switch to a cnc milled axle attached sprocket. Instead of the stock spoke mounted one, and purchase a good steel rim with a better break that allows you to coast and back pedal.

    4) If when you engage your clutch, you get a loud squeaking that goes away when you release the clutch, you need to grease up the little pin and bearing inside the drive sprocket/under clutch lever. It will go away immediately.

    I will add more as I think of them.
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    5) If you get a POP POP out of your exhaust after going WOT for a second or two at a stop, or after letting off a large amount of throttle, Its likely that you are running too lean.

    6) If your exhaust drips oil, lean it out a little.
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