gaaah! I MUST just be a moron ....

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  1. I've tried ! really I have ... do you use the SEARCH only in the zones where it might be ? Or does the search header just search from whatever forum you're in ? Augi was going to drill out his main jet back in March I think ... Somebody else jetted 'Rusty" and promised to start a new thread .... then it all just ended .... "jet" "main jet" "drilling out the jet" "jetting the carb" "enlarging the jet" were all tried and I redid those searches after going to each of the forum zones ... How in blue thunder does search work ? It was no better in advanced search where it came up with no results at all and I'd just finished reading 6 posts on the main jet ! Before anyone leads me to "Exhaust Performance" ... Been there /done that ...

  2. Hmmmm....sometimes searches can be trickt ....I often do searches on the net and end up with thousands of hits....way more that I have the patience to look tghrough to find info needed....I think alot has to do with the wording used in the search...I would try a search of the entire forum in case the thread you are looking for was miscategorized.
    Hope this helps.
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  4. Man I do thank you most kindly Alaska ... I cannot figure out Search at all, especially when a dozen responses come back without nary one of the words I used to search .. looks like you chose "Drill Main Jet" so why wouldn't my "main jet" have also returned those same posts ? Anyway thanks for revovering those, for awhile it felt like reading a Steven King paperback and losing the last 2 chapters .. Don't know yet if I need to do this but I'm pondering if you couldn't get a slower,smaller, more controlled hole with conical flint paper for the slightest of metal removal in a more gradual way ....
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  6. Oh yes .... thanks srdavo .... that post leaves nothing much more to be said ..
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    Yeah, that's better than the one I found.
    Wizard. Maybe you could have the name of this thread changed to something that might be easy to search for, so the next guy might find the links easier. Maybe have the name be a whole string of possible relevant terms.
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    Van, did you add the + between the words or did the search do that? I wonder if it helps to do that.
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    Search did that.
  10. Ya I kinda agree with you on that Alaska, but it's really the string that holds all the jetting info that needed that I think ... this string was just my frustration title ABOUT the problem ...