GAH - Gas almost pouring out of my carb

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    So I was looking at my engine and it seems just after i stop or whenever I looked there I see quite a bit of un-burned fuel almost pouring out of my carb, any insight as to why this might be happening?

    PS. Added a pic of my Hog so you know what kind of engine I have

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    First check all your fitting, tank and nipple into carb. Where your gas ends up usually has no relation to where it came from. If you clean and tighten these areas and are sure this is not the cause of your leak then on to the carb. Check the 2 screws holding the float bowl. If that is not the problem then your float is probably not adjusted correctly causing too much fuel into the carb and hence the leak. You can search for threads on adjusting the float in your carb.
  3. i had same problem when i was noobie :)
    the problem was i didn't have fuel filter!
    you have to buy seperate fuel filter that kit didn't provide.
    Autozone has small fuel filters that can fit our fuel hoses.
    and you have to disassemble your carburator and clean it.
    find the little impurities that is blocking somewhere in the carb.
    assemble back and make sure u run bike with fuel filter all the time.
  4. I second the Advise regarding AutoZone or any Filter.
    Inexpensive but very important.
    Also check Fuel Line Hose clamps.
    Many of the kits do not come with fuel line clamps.
    You can buy them or if your short on cash you can take some Thin Mechanics wire ,wrap around hose at both the tank and carb connections and tighten ( not to tight ) with Needle nose pliers Then cut the extra Wire.


  5. All it takes is one molecular grain of sand to keep that valve open that your float controls. Clean that area out and add a filter and no more leaky.
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    my motor doesnt have any fuel line clamps..... that might be the problem right there.

    I'll pickup a fuel line filer on my way home from work today.

    and LOL everyone whos seen my bike at work wanted to take it around the block.... Its bloody amazing.
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    I have put automotive fuel line on my bike. I physically cant get a clamp on the nipple at the carb. Wont go on, cant get it through! It **is** a tight fit though, as the inside diameter of the hose I am using is the same as the clear stuff that comes with the kit, but the outside diameter is much bigger, but not as flexible, so it doesnt leak
  8. I use very small wire ties, and it is still a tight fit on the carby.......
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    Where do I get this small mechanic wire?
  10. KiDD.

    any Local Hardware store ...Home depot Or Lowes....
    Also As misteright Said Good ( thin ) zip ties do a very good Job as well.