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    Hi All,

    My name is Phil. I've been looking for a summer project this year and after looking around a while on craigslist at bike mods, I saw someone with a bike motor on a schwinn cruiser. Of course the more research I did the more I had to have one. So I ordered one and installed it on sunday. The CDI was DOA (failed multimeter readings) so I'm waiting for a new one to arrive in the mail. :(

    I've got a mountain bike that is about to become my daily commuter to work (4 miles each way on under 30 MPH roads). I'm super psyched about starting this hobby and even my wife is enjoying my enthusiasm. I showed my dad this weekend, and he already wants to convert one of his bikes. :D

    My hope this summer is to get one the road and hopefully find a few people who would be interested in riding around Downtown DC as a group, and/or just going for weekend rides. I'm looking for suggestions on locations to ride and enjoy the outdoors safely.

    Anyhow, super excited about joining the forum and the hobby, can't wait to get on the road!!



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    Welcome to MBc, Phil...and welcome to your Wife and Dad, also. Now that you have introduced yourself, be sure to read all you can, including the 'Stickies' at the top of every Forum. They contain a lot of information. For example, ‘Sticky’ by Al.Fisherman has 20 or so links to “How To…” threads, and important pages for you to follow. ‘Sticky’ by Anton "Forum Rules and Infractions” is a must read about how you are expected to Conduct yourself. However, read all of them, and be sure to use the search feature. Almost every question you might have has already been asked and answered someplace here. If you are still stumped with a certain problem, post your question in the proper Forum and I am sure you will get an answer. Good Luck to you.

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    Here are important questions to consider when building or buying for yourself or others:

    1) What is the predominant riding terrain?
    (Level ground, hills, asphalt or dirt etc...)

    2) What type of physique does the primary rider have?
    (Large, small, short, tall or health issues etc...)

    3) What will the rider's local laws allow and require them to have?
    (Lookup and personally read these laws.)

    4) What kind of bike is being motorized?
    (Mountain, road, whizzer or recumbent etc...)

    5) What is the bike to be used for?
    (Shows, long trips, around town, off road or racing etc...)

    6) How much of a budget is to be used for the build or buy?
    (All at the start or as you can afford projects etc...)

    Seek the answers to these questions in order to get the most out of the bike you're building or buying. We're here to help with any questions you may have. The purpose of the "Questions to Consider" is not to overwhelm or confuse you. Rather help you focus in on what will work best for you and help you develop a building and/or buying philosophy. This site has lots of people who can help you but the only way they can is by asking questions. Any one of the questions to consider somebody here can help you with.

    A fool never learns from their mistakes.

    A smart person learns from their mistakes.

    A wise person learns from the mistakes of others.

    Good luck with your build or buy.

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