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    Am clearing out my garage parts bins, need space. Would like to see this stuff go to builders. Tell me what you want and shoot me an offer, bundling works, won't respond to insults. These are good parts, no junk, junk wnet into trash.
    Contact me for photos or additional information. Remember, shipping is not free even though I am offering it on some items.

    OCC Rear "Fatboy" aluminum wheel w/tube & tire
    OCC Rear "Fatboy aluminum wheel w/tube & tire but no axle or bearings
    20" black aluminum wheel & spokes w/ 20X3 Magnum TA tire
    2 Kit mufflers with screw on connector
    2 ACS Crossfire single speed freewheels, 1/8 & 3/32 chains, New in box
    Bontrager quick release axle, new
    2 HT CDI boxes w/plug wire
    Steel black adjustable side kick stand
    Black aluminum side kick stand
    36 ea. 12 gauge black ss 184mm spokes w/nipples, new
    11" single piece pedal shaft with bearings and holders
    Kalin forged aluminum seat mount
    Bag of shimano cog gears
    48T gear w/5 mounting holes
    Bag of misc. grips
    26x2.0 tube
    Custom spring loaded seat on post
    Aluminum dual brake lever $20 free ship
    Box of aluminum control levers, more than 5 plus parts $20 free ship
    1 Tektrol, 1 Winzip disc brake caliper w/new pads $25 free ship
    Black metal Whizzer Fork Cover $10 free ship
    Whizzer stick on Tank Badges, new in wrapper $20 free ship
    Whizzer 60th Anniversary stick on Medallion & 5 "Good Luck" tokens$10 free ship
    Sram Automatix 2-speed Rear Hub, 36 spoke, new $50 free ship
    Shimano 3S, 3 speed Rear hub, 36 spoke $50 free ship
    Rare Shimano SG-4R31 4 speed Rear Hub, 36 spoke $50 free ship
    With roller brake
    HT engine with carb, lighting coil and pull start. $50 plus $20 ship
    HuaSheng long block NOS, never used $50 plus $20 ship
    Rag joint, rubber and hardware, new $10, free ship
    53 cc Homelight 2 stroke, reed valve w/mikuni $60, free ship
    1.5 liter peanut gas tank with cap, never used $40, free ship
    Adjustable mount for HS engine $25, free ship
    2 sets OCC Fork Tubes $65 each set, free ship
    OCC Rear Fender, black w/red stripes $40, free ship
    OCC front fender, no brackets, red $20, free ship
    Giant Stiletto Rear Fender $60, free ship
    3ea. 160mm, one 180mm disc brake rotors $30, free ship
    7 new chrome fender braces, never used $50, free ship
    Heavy duty for Whizzer

    Biturbo Expansion Chamber w/silencer $50, free shipping
    Biturbo Expansion Chamber W/O silencer $45, free shipping
    Rear drum brake hub, 36 spoke w/freewheel $45, free shipping
    Aluminum rear luggage rack $25, free shipping
    Steel rear luggage rack $25, free shipping
    Set of Columbia moped rear shocks $25, free shipping
    Black vinyl Schwinn OCC handlebar Pouch $25, free shipping
    Vintage Chrome bicycle light with two bulb reflector $20 free shipping
    Above light w/dynamo $25 free shipping
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