Gary Fisher Hookooeekoo RAW 80

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  1. mazdarati

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    Hi Guys,

    I"m new to the motorized bike game but not new to engines, transmissions or motorcycles.

    I installed a RAW 80 from Zone 8 last weekend and followed all the prebuild recommendations. The bike ran well on 16:1 for about 10 miles until today when it stopped transferring drive to the rear wheel on the way home from a buddy's house; the engine was idling but there wasn't any drive to the wheel. It was as if the clutch completely wore out all at once.

    I got it home and popped the clutch cover and found that the clutch seems to work fine but the drive gear off the crank was spinning independent of the crank. See video here:
    Any suggestions?

    Nick A.

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    The gear is spinning because your half moon key fell off the shaft
    Look carefully inside the case for the key

    There is a tool in your kit that pulls that gear off after you remove
    the flat screw
    A hammer impact driver is indispensible to tighten and remove that screw.
    Its a tricky operation if you don't know what you are doing. You need to
    remove the cover from the magneto on the left side of the motor so you
    can put a wrench on the nut so you can stop the crank from turning
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  3. mazdarati

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    You nailed it

    Thanks, that was it. It is running again. What do I have to do to keep this from happening again?

    After closer inspection, it looks like the flat head bolt that holds the gear in place is bent. It screws on fine but the head is tweaked (you can see it in the last part of the video) and makes it look like it is cross threaded when screwed all the way in. I bet this was causing the gear to wobble and allowed the key to fall out.
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  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    I did not watch the video and I have fixed this common problem a few times

    The gear can't wobble if it it tight on the shaft.
    Blue loctite the screw and key

    If the flat head bolt is messed up get a new one

    Where are you at?

    I sold a lot of raw motors but wouldn't touch them with a
    10 foot pole these days ......
  5. mazdarati

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    The flat head bolt is screwed up. I just sent an email to Zone 8 for a new one since it has a 6 month warranty.

    I'm in LA.

    What do you sell instead of the RAW?

    Common problem? What causes it?

  6. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Let us know how it works out.....

    It is called Chinese quality control my friend.... and bad
    design on the keyway as it can escape from the bottom of
    the gear unlike the key on the large geared clutch

    read the vendor rules if you want an answer to your last
    question as I don't need any more infraction points....

    Are you coming down to the meet at El Dorado park on June 14th?
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  7. mazdarati

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    Zone 8 stands behind their warranty

    Zone 8 is warrantying their motor and parts fo 6 months as stated on their website.

    Due to the misunderstanding of what happened to the motor we had to exchange several emails and now he is shipping the correct parts.

    I have to say that they were very responsive to email and responded to all of them in 24 hours. In many cases he responded immediately. I am happy with their service and would buy from them again.

    He even offered to have me exchange the motor at the warehouse even though they are not a retail establishment.

    It is unfortunate that this happened and I am now a happy customer.