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    Hello All, My name is Gary and am from Springfield Mo. I am 68 years old and most of my grocery store trips are less than a mile. The gas on my v6 car is ridiculously low mpg on short trips. decided to try to save some money. Sent powerking $169.90 for the 80cc silver. The guys in the thread here said a couple had been ripped off. The e-bay rating of this seller is over 98% favorable. I've dealt with Canadian sources before and it actually takes ****ed near two weeks for them to even get a letter. This was to a contact in Ontario. No telling how long it takes for B.C.Am building a Schwinn West Coast Chopper with a 80cc? kit from powerking. Hope I'm not in the 2% that is not happy with them. On e-bay the quantity listed under "buy now" was 100.

    Gary P.

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    HI! I'm originaly from St. Clair, MO. You know there is no such thing as an 80cc, right?
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    G'day Gary & welcome to MBc.
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    Hi all. I heard that on the non 80cc engine. I suspect that the 49, 70, and 80 cc described at powerkingshop are all one and the same engine. They sure look alike. I originally wanted to use a Honda look alike 4 cycle commercial engine that is 190cc. A 4 cycle that is $100.00 on sale at harbor freight. However the carb, governor, cabling, clutch, gear ratio, etc was all a problem and just a guess on where to even get a clutch and all other associated parts for an install on a Schwinn West Coast Chopper, so I like a wal mart addicted shopper chose the Chinese made junk. No telling what size the thing actually is by boreXstroke. probably depents on what size the particular piston and bore the left over blocks were the day they were put together. Much like the 6.5 and 7.7 mm Japanese rifles that were garage made toward the end of WW2. Probably no QC at all.
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Gary P