Gas assist hand cranked trike



I want to put gas assist on my hand cranked disabled trike;
Any suggestions except 'Wacky?'

Rear wheel mounted Subaru 25cc belt drive seems the right thing

What do you say?
How would the controls go? Throttle may get too confusing. Thumb throttle may be needed. Brake lever may be needed to be attatched to the frame somehow. I don't see how a cable can take on a crank. In fact,even a throttle cable.
Everything as far as controls may need to be foot operated,according to the disability.

The brake cables are no problem with the crank handals, so would the throttle

I must say that I havenot linked up the brakes that way myself but many people prefer them like that. don't forget that the 'horns' of the handalcrank rotate like a normal foot pedal.

Tx for reply
both? welcome!I know some quads/ATVs have thumb throttle setups but I don't like that, I prefer the standard handle type of throttle. if you can put a break on your hand cranks, then you could put a throttle on it too. I'd be really excited to assist in motorizing one of these, it would be a first for us and you are definitely in the right place to get help with this project.
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ok, ok...but i sure would like to know a bit about our new member...i know others would too :)

welcome to MBc.
Welcome to MBc. Maybe you could post some pictures of the trike, like over in the picture gallery, so we could see what the starting point for this build is.
Wacky? Who cares? If it's what you want, go for it!!!
i'm puttin' it where it belongs...i think from now on i'm gonna follow pete's advice :(