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  1. My mags threads are stripped throttle cable was melted aluminum beer can Style metal sleeve on rubber grip crooked Sharp crooked aluminum caps on end much missing Hardware they shipped to me replacement still missing parts refuse to accept Paypal from me. They promised me a diamond and ship me a lump of coal

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    I've learned that buying some parts from gasbike is alright, just don't waste your money on one of their engines. I got an engine off ebay that is so much better than the silver slant 66cc I got off gasbike. Incredible.
  3. I didn't buy an engine from them I bought 26"aluminium mags that had STRIPPED THREADS, 1 melted throttle cable, cheap rubber grips, "supposed to be CNC ALUMINUM" WITH throttle. Arch idler chain tensioner mission hardware. Shall I go on? OH,,,,they refused paypal also.
  4. Thanks for your input, as always be safe & have fun.