Gas Bikes OK in OK...Except on Turnpikes

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    1) Gas bikes are the legal equivalent of bicycles. 47 O.S. Sec. 12-701

    2) Bicyclists and gas bikers are drivers of vehicles that operate in traffic on public roadways. 47 O.S. Sec. 11-1202

    3) Motorists must allow three feet when passing gas bikes. 47 O.S. Sec. 11-1208

    4) Lane-splitting prohibited. 47 O.S. Sec. 11-1103

    5) Government may not arbitrarily prohibit gas bikes from any roadway. 47 O.S. Sec. 11-313

    6) Gas bikes prohibited on turnpikes. 47 O.S. Sec. 11-1401

    7) Definitions of Bicycles, Electrified Bicycles, and Motorized Bicycles

    As of 1 April 2009, there are no insurance, training, or registration requirements for bicyclists or gas bikers. But, there is a grassroots effort to include three bike-related questions on the drivers' exam, to test for knowledge of ODM Sec. 11-2. Contact Karen Gentry:

    In the 2009 52nd Oklahoma State Legislative Session, HB1795 would allow bicyclists, motorcyclists, and gas bikers to blow red lights, under legally allowable conditions. If passed, the law will be effective 1 November 2009.
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    That's how it should be, yup. I'd think MBs should be prohibited from highways since cars are gonna be traveling 2 or 3 times faster than your MB, but that's what local laws are for. Maybe your highways people only go 35 mph. :-/

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Uhh... I vote for OK to be the new "model MB state" instead of AZ. This is no brainer stuff, and OK is the only state that seems to be staying up with the times.

    Seriously, tho... I wish our country would just collectively and instantaneously just turn 4-way stop signs into 4-way yield signs. Rolling thru a stop sign isn't a crime if no one else is near you.
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    You wrote:

    "I'd think MBs should be prohibited from highways since cars are gonna be traveling 2 or 3 times faster than your MB, but that's what local laws are for. Maybe your highways people only go 35 mph."

    In connection with a criminal traffic case of a person on a bicycle impersonating Santa on the Broken Arrow Expressway, SH64/51, a major urban controlled-access roadway, Tulsa Municipal Count held that minimum speed laws are not applicable to bicycles, because bicycles operated as human-powered vehicles can not move at the minimum post speed limit.

    Maybe it would apply to gas bikes that can't move at the posted minimum?
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    Bicycles, motorized or not, have no business on interstates, freeways, turnpikes, or whatever you call 'em. PERIOD.

    I'd also lean toward bicyclists not being allowed on highways either, since that's the way it is here... but I still see people pedaling on the highways here, too. When it comes to the roads that bikers are allowed to travel on, highways (50 mph and under) are iffy to me.
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    Good point. But, if the government bans bicycles and gas-bikes from the interstates, freeways, and turnpikes, why not ban automobiles too? According to AAA, automobiles kill over 42,000 Americans on the public roadways, EVERY year, year-in, year-out.

    Imagine a fully-loaded 747 crashing and killing everyone on board, every two days. Why do you tolerate the fact that automobiles have ALREADY killed MORE Americans than the Civil War, WWII, Vietnam, COMBINED?

    If safety is the concern, simply reserve the interstates, freeways, and turnpikes for pedestrians, but, only on Sundays, after church.

    Sparky, just because you are a gas-biker, why be on the high horse to TOLERATE the loss of YOUR constitutional right of travel? Better to call for the loss of someone else's right of travel, right?
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  6. I've made several 60 mile round-trips...rollin

    ,thu 4 towns and cities while meeting local,county and okla. highway patrols(whoom you do NOT mess with here!!)...they look, double-take ,SMILE and wave....OKLa. IS a very progressive state....phatt,S.W.OKLAHOMA,U.S.A.....
    But IT could be because: i'm fat,have very long hair,a long white beard,age 60
    ...and my grandaughter says i look just like the travelocity GNOME...go figure :)
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    Sweet... someone else from Tulsa! Have to agree, that local police do not seem to be concerned about my clattering little two stroke. It's great that Oklahoma is being ahead-thinking and progressive on *something*!

    I vaguely remember the santa incident on the BA... Or I remember seeing it mentioned.

    I've stayed off the local highways with my Gizmo, it just seems like a good idea. I'd get flattened on I44 or I244, would be scary on 75, and there is no possible way I'd have any chance of continuing life on the BA/51 between 75 and Memorial. I live on the west side of town, roads are a little rough here, but I ride everywhere.

  8. sparky

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    The government has ALREADY banned all pedestrians from the Interstate. I know that for sure. I know that in MS, pedestrians are banned from the highways... so I'd assume other states are similar. Of course, if there is a private biking lane on the highway, that's inherently safe. The only "Interstate" I know of that allows bicycles is the Superhighway that joins us with Canada and El Mexico... and it's not even a done deal yet.

    I "tolerate" it, because that's the only way we have to travel independently. Sure, I'd love it if we still used trains as much as we did in the past... but transportation has evolved like everything else. There are risks that come with it, and the risks are far greater for un-caged pedestrians who are traveling at a 1/4th the speed of people in 3,000+ lbs metal vehicles. That's why things are already the way they are.

    Speeding isn't necessarily unsafe. But when you're speeding around "obstacles" that aren't traveling as fast as you, things start getting unsafe. Everybody should be allowed to travel 90 mph on the Interstates... if that were the case, and everybody stayed at that speed... there would be a lot less accidents. There would still be accidents, but the few they'd have would be very, very serious. If a biker gets hit on the Interstate at speeds that are posted right now even, that too would be a very, very, VERY serious accident. Now go back and read your Santa Claus story. It'd nearly always be an automatic death, and that's not something anybody wants to risk.

    What?!? I'm not sure what points your trying to make with any of this. I'm just telling you that things are the way they are for a reason... and I for one, like them that way. The only time [motorized] bicyclists should be able to travel on a road with a speed limit of 55+ mph is when there is a dedicated lane (meaning a real partition between them and the other drivers, not just a solid, white line) for said pedestrians. That is all.
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    Sparky, Oklahoma law allows bicyclists, motorists, gas-bikes, and pedestrians to all SHARE the same roadways, except where specifically prohibited, the turnpikes.

    For example, if there are no sidewalks, pedestrians can walk AGAINST traffic ON the roadway.

    There must be some great genius who figured out that mixing the various modes of travel is no more dangerous than the 42,000 Americans dying every year because of automobiles.

    I simply CAN'T accept one fully loaded 747 crashing and killing everyone on board, every two days, which is the equivalent of 42,000 Americans dying EVERY year, year-in, year-out, because of automobiles.
  10. danlandberg

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    Automobiles don't kill people! It' just the weapon the operator Missuses!!!
  11. FightForTheCause

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    The point being made is that some things need to change for the better, and use an open mind to change it. It's easy to not have to think about it much, because you like things the way they are and just conform to it.

    That is thinking very small. Are you telling us that you should be bound to only ride locally around your neighborhood? Have you ever rode your MB to another city before? You will encounter a typical two lane 55mph road with a shoulder lane. Bicyclists ride the shoulder lane, and cars have to respect that. Also when driving your car, it's common to see people walking in the shoulder lane. You need to consider the folks that have no cars and need to get around.

    I can agree with the interstates banning bicyclists and pedestrians. But not on keeping them off the highways. Highways and high speed roads are what connect everything in every country.

    All this thinking about everything is fine the way it is, or make more laws, or don't allow this and that, is making this country more and more a police state. It takes people to wake up and not repress everything to the point of oblivion. That includes MBikes and everything else.
  12. sparky

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    I ride from city to city all the time. The highways around here have a sidewalk, so I ride on that. If I were to ride where people ride 60~65 mph, I'd be killed eventually.

    The point is that accidents do happen a lot more frequently when you don't keep up with traffic, and they're even MORE frequent when people are traveling AGAINST traffic. People here are constantly riding their bike on the left side of the road, and I'm ever so close to hitting them at night because I can't wipe the dew off my car. Bicyclists here ride against traffic on the highways too, and it ticks me the freak off.

    And the point was also based on localities. That's why bicyclists aren't supposed to ride on the highways (55mph and up), because it's a good idea for us. And I'm sure it's mostly a good idea for OK, too. Tulsa has sidewalks on every street. In the country, the roads are less traveled, so that's not like the type of highway I'm referring to. Trails in Colorado don't mean the same thing as trails do to me in Mississippi.
  13. bluegoatwoods

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    Don't forget the the "limited access" highways, mostly inter-states with some other state and US highways thrown in, were designed to give auto traffic clear sailing; no peds, bikes, farm tractors, horses or autos backing out of driveways. In fact, cars aren't even supposed to stop by the side of the road for any reason short of an emergency.

    This is sensible and it's a good reason to keep bikes and other slow vehicles off of these roads. All other roads are and should be open to almost any use. What is lacking is the law holding cagers who stupidly plow into defenseless people responsible for manslaughter (at the least).

    Also, when a newbie hysterically accuses a site leader of being "happy to tolerate 42,000 deaths per year", this community is reminded more of a troll than of someone with something useful to say.

    Just a word to the wise.

    Edit 5-19-09, evening; looking over this thread a bit the post that offended me this morning doesn't seem quite as hysterical as it did then. But there's still something about it that doesn't seem to quite make sense. Though I'll admit that I'd like to see the auto greatly reduced, if not eliminated.
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    Regardless how this thread has digressed, I just want to say thank you very much BikeBillboards for the OK laws posting.

    This was honestly the biggest reason I had not delved into the MB community earlier. I just ordered my own kit to assemble my first MB. I hadn't yet ran across this thread and this thread and was still apprehensive about getting on the road. Heck, now I am pumped to get out there and actually be protected by law!

    I knew living in OK had its perks! Well besides the abysmally low cost of living, HA!

  15. Tinker1980

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    No sir, Tulsa does not. Tulsa is the most pedestrian-unfriendly city I have ever seen. Sure, they brag about their 50 miles or so of bicycle trails, but those trails don't go anywhere useful. And I'd not even consider riding my MB on those trails... that's where the bikers are going to get away from idiots like me with a motor!

  16. agentjosh77

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    I am in Edmond at the moment, so a big difference there. I agree with you though, Tulsa just isn't a pedestrian build city. My girlfriend is from Tulsa, and she wouldn't give a singular thought to trying to walk/bike in or near downtown. Period.

    As small as Edmond is, I will hopefully be able to zip around with little issue.

    *fingers crossed*
  17. sparky

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    I thought cost of living in MS was cheap!! I'm at my relatives in Okemah & Okmulgee, OK... and somebody bought a lot with trailer and shed for $6,000. Same size property, trailer, & shed would cost at least 10x that much where I'm from.
  18. agentjosh77

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    Yeah, that is basically how it works. That is why Oklahoma City and Tulsa are starting to grow again. Being able to start a business by telecommuting or through national networking your can start pretty small and build your clientele with much less stress about paying the bills. That is, if you are around a major city besides that you have to learn how to grow produce or tend cattle.

    Either way, cheap cheap cheap.

    I am living in a NICE 2 bedroom apartment for just under $800 a month. Splitting the bills between three people, I can actually afford a very nice home while going to school and not feel terrible about it. Which is great!
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