Gas can as tank?


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Apr 1, 2008
I need to make some 200+ mile rides on my GEBE-equipped bike. Stopping every 30 miles or so to fill the little tank is not my idea of fun, especially since I don't want to have to look for gas stations. I've looked around for small gas tanks on eBay, but none of them are narrow enough to fit in the middle of the bike frame. I got an idea that maybe I can mount a pannier on the left side of the rear wheel and put a 2.5 gallon gas can in it, then run new gas lines from the can. Would that work?

It'd be even better if I could find a narrow gas can of that capacity, something like the old Jerry cans, but not 5 gallons.

Also, does anyone else have a problem with the snap ring holding the bearing in the motor mount coming off and letting the bearing come out? I've put that thing back in about ten times now and seriously thinking about supergluing the ring in next time so I don't get stuck in the middle of nowhere with a loose bearing.
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I think the best way to find out is to try it. Try to have the gas tank up as high as possible to make the gas line aas short as possible
I suppose if gravity is going to be a problem with the fuel supply, I can just carry the gas can filled with premix on the side without hooking it up. Won't have to worry about modding the fuel lines or anything that way. Refilling the regular tank every once in a while isn't so bad, I guess. At least I won't have to worry about looking for a gas station during the trips.

Does the Zenoah engine really need 2000 miles to break in? I've only got about 1000 on mine, so I assume this means I should do a lot more short trips before running the Zenoah full throttle for ten hours at a time.
At 1000 miles, your engine is broken in!!

I dunno if you'd ever wanna run the engine WOT for 10 hrs at a time, however. For some reason, the 2-strokes I've ridden need you to vary the throttle from time to time. I usually ride WOT if I'm on a fairly busy road & NEVER when going down a hill. Those are the only throttle limitations I'm sticking to for now.
I'm no GEBE guy & dunno what GEBE u have but it shouldn't really matter....all that i've ever seen have their fuel tank below their carby so that must mean either they have a pumping carby or a seperate pump to pump fuel to the carby.Whatever system u have an external fuel tank can be put anywhere(within reason)
Call GEBE and find out which system they use and how it tap into it.
Introduce yourself. :)
Good luck man.
If I were you, just to make it easy I would strap a can of gas that is premixed to the side of your bike and fill up when you run empty.

Okay dude I found a guy that has done exactly what you want to do. Check out the pic in the attachment.


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