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  1. My gas tank leaks, i have the typical one you get when you buy these junk engine kits. I JB welded around the studs to anticipate leakage now i realize i need a better gas cap that ACTUALLY seals, cuz i notice mine leaking some gas.

    I am assuming it is a gasket issue, cuz the cap seals tight, I just don't know how little splashes of gas leak out.

    I have read that there are alternate gas caps that work, I looked on ebay, but all the real caps from motorcycles has threads for a twist/screw on style cap.

    My cap has no threads, just two little ear tabs that are spring loaded.

    Any links to compatable caps?

  2. Josh Moon

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    look up moped gas caps, i use a cap from an old Batavus moped on mine
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    JB Weld? Then you are over tightening the nuts. I used Silicon Sealer on the bottom of the tank to "glue" the tank to the cross-bar as well as 2 nuts per stud, the 2nd one acting as a lock-nut. The cap is supposed to "leak". This is to allow air to enter the tank to displace the fuel used. Mine does not leak out fuel because I put in only 1 litre (0.26Gal U.S.) thereby not over filling it. Do not lie the bike down on it's side, Use a side stand or prop it against a wall or fence,
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    with my vented moped cap i can fill my tank right up to the top,


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