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    I thought I had my fuel starvation issue corrected but alas no. Can anyone tell me or provide a photo of just how the cap gasket should be placed or seated? Does the conical gasket just free float around the body of the cap or is it intended to be seated in the gap between the top of the cap and the body? This is a standard teardrop tank that comes with the kits. I can only ride a few blocks until the engine starves for gas. Loosening the cap allows air inside the tank and I'm good for another few blocks.

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    Your engine needs to vent. Install a locking gas cap, and the fuel system will vent thru the keyhole.

    Orrr, you could drill a hole in the cap, slip the end of 6" of small fuel hose in there. Then tie a loose knot in the fuel hose. The fuel system will then vent thru the hose.

    Orrr, you could drill a very tiny hole in the cap, and let it vent thru that.

    Orr you could remove the cap's gasket, and the fuel system will vent between the cap and the tank's neck.
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    I vented my cap by drilling a small hole all the way through. Since my bike has to live outdoors, I molded a "rain cover" from epoxy putty, which you can get the jist of from this picture: [​IMG]

    it's essentially a tunnel, open at the back, with an overhang to direct any rain water away from getting underneath. Mechanical breathers exist if you wanted to get fancy, but there are lots of ways to fashion a breathing rain cover
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    Good idea!:idea:
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    daily commuter?
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    i made this gas cap for my o.c.c. because i used a custom tank.
    I drilled a small hole in the cap, and then covered it with this hollow backed pewter skull to hide the hole.
    yeah it's a skull & crossbones, but i have a tattoo just like it, and skulls & choppers seem to go together.