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    This is a follow- up on my in frame HF79/ alternator/ 450w Huffy. Went for a couple of rides today (40 degrees, sunny and wind).

    Previously,I blew one 24v alt. regulator, maybe another, then the latest was a dud.
    So I put the Ford alternator back in (instead of the Delco), fed the field circut from ONE of the batteries (giving 12v to the field only), set the max voltage out of the alternator at 30 via the handy throttle limit screw and went for a ride.
    The engine is really at a fast idle to obtain thirty volts (I figure that number is safe with the controller and old batteries I'm using. Idling gives around 25, but drops big time when the elect. throttle is cranked. Thus the 30 setting.
    The Delco did give more power but, without the needed regulator, I thought- nothing to loose puting the Ford in.
    The bike handles nice, speed, between 15 and 20 I guess. Depending on wind and going up or down.
    Pretty quiet.
    The cool thing is, I get to where I want about 2x faster than the pedal only bike and am not a sweat ball upon arriving.
    Still pedal a little to help the motor.
    I wonder if I will ever use the nice Trek I got last year.

    I also took power off one of the batteries for 12v lights, this is possible because of the twin battery set-up.
    The alternator output is wired direct to the batteries 24v output and I put a big switch to shut off power to the controller. (Pic 2).

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Prof - It's an ebike suitable for Mad Max!
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    Interesting exhaust professor. Does it work well?
  4. professor

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    On the exhaust, the first muff is a home -made one with fiberglas on the inside perimeter - a little quieter than stock, then i added the "Tail pipe" to a briggs muff. which made a slight drop in the sound level.
    I guess it is pretty quiet, I notice the valve noise now. I did make a chamber to silence the intake as it's drone was significantly louder than the exhaust when revved.

    Wheelbender, who was Mad Max?
  5. fasteddy

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    Professor, you should be the safest person on this site. The is not a cop this side of his/her right mind that is going to stop you and find out just what it is your riding.

    As my former wife/former cop said "if you don't want a problem, don't lift the lid".

    I however think it is sweeter than home made candy.

  6. professor

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    Thanks for the input Steve. That was the goal. Not pretty, not attractive to theft- a semi-rat bike.
    I would LOVE to put this engine/alt. combo in a bike like Helmutt has- the alternator could go right where the tranny normally goes, the elect. motor tucked up....... An eye feast and attention getter. But you can't have that without getting a lot of attention from people you do NOT want seeing your machine.
    It did take me several seconds to figure out about the lid. - Got it.
    Quite right!
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    Professor, if that bike had an older set of forks and the red bag wasn't there, I would swear it was an early one. It has that absolutely wonderful look that the old bikes had because if your wanted a motorcycle you built it to your tastes.

    In my books it's fantastic.

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    Professor, great job man!
  10. professor

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    I appreciate the nice comments guys!

    Went to the Wikepedia link and read the whole thing. I guess I agree with the look.

    The bike is a (80s?) 21 inch frame Huffy (fifteen dollar Craiglist) and stretched 3" with 24 inch wheels , so the frame really is as big and similar to the old time bikes. I have the seat down as low as it will go in order to get my feet to touch down some.
  11. wheelbender6

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    Prof -Mad Max was a highway patrolman played by Mel Gibson. The setting is post-nuclear war or post-civilization Austrailia where resources are hard to find and bad guys are everywhere.
    The final two movies were no match for the first IMHO. The first was very unique and it was so "unHollywood".