Gas Engine booster????????????

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    So, does anyone know if there's anything to this? I'm just a little in question if this just might be a scam???????? Even wonder if Reed kit for 66cc is legit?


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  2. Fabian

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    You better believe the Reed Valve system is legit, but you are looking at the "Arrow" version.

    The Rock Solid Engines Billet CNC Reed Valve Intake System is a significantly better designed product that works as intended.
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    Hey there Fabian,

    Yes I do believe in Reed Valve. So, do you have it, and if so what do you think? Is it on 2 or 4/stroke? Say it's a big difference? Wonder if it's worth it on "China Girl?"

    Thanks Glen
  4. Cavi Mike

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    Reed valves are for 2-strokes. There's no need for them in a 4-stroke, they already have valves.
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    No, No, very true..............Yes, mean a 66cc 2/stroke.
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    theoretically a boost bottle should help some, depending on its design (different volume affects different rpm range). But even better than that is using an extended intake length for an awesome resonance effect that will give you more power at low revs.
    Legal restrictions usually limit either horsepower or engine size. If you stuff the crank, put a boost port in the cylinder, and hole the intake skirt of the piston then you will get a sizable peak power increase. But the cops don't know how much hp your engine outputs and they won't put it on a dyno to find out.
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