Gas engined motored bike sold.

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  1. 003.jpg In late June I stopped by a local Honda dealer(Forrest Park Honda) to buy a nice leather tool bag for my bike. I noticed a really pretty motorcycle sitting in an area where used cycles hang out together until someone buys them. I asked the salesman why a new bike was in the used bike section. It turned out the bike was a 1991, but had less than 6,000 miles on it, and looked brand new. It is a red 250 nighthawk, and I just HAD to buy it. The gas motored bicycle was left unused in the shed as I put over 1,000 miles a month on the motorcycle, so I put it up for sale. A gentleman wanted to buy the bike, but he lives 6 hours away, 12 round trip, and he can't drive for more than a couple hours. At 69 years of age, I didn't want to deliver it, as 12 hours in the car becomes torture for my back. We agreed on meeting part way between and yesterday I met him in Harrisburg, Pa and he bought the bike.

    He is a retired Maryland State Trooper and is recovering from cancer. He wants a motored bike to exercise with. He intends to pedal it as far as possible(in his reduced physical condition), then motor back home. I shall miss the new gas bike(I only just built it in May), but I'm absolutely certain it will get more use and for much better reasons. I hope he recovers completely and then just uses it for fun, like I did. I will put the e-bike upfor sale next, then I will have the motorcycle and the pedal bike for exercise. 002.jpg

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