gas flow problems

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    I bought a motor and had some kid at work put it together for me cause iam no mechanic and know absoultly noththing about motors! anyway I would appreciate some feedback!The bike is a blast but after only 20 miles the gas is not flowing from the gastank to the filter so the kid at work told me to take gascap off and take hose off filter in which I did and it flowed but once I put hose back on no he told me to try to take out filter and try to run it like that but that didn't sound right so that's why I signed up on here

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    The fuel petcock has a little screen filter. Remove the fuel petcock with an adjustable crescent wrench and clean the screen. if that doesn't help, replace your fuel line. Use teflon tape when you reinstall the fuel tank.
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    loosen gas cap
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    I agree with both these posts, these cheapo gas caps and fuel filters are potential problems. Also, these petcocks are low quality and have been known to stop up, especially if you didn't wash out the tank, the tank may have been shipped with some crud inside, I heard that someone found a cigarette butt inside one once (!?) Welcome to the forums, these China Girls are a neverending source of joy coupled with frustrations.
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    yeah but when I take the hose off the fuel fuel filter open up petcock it flows fine do you think it has something to do with filter or should I still undo petcock?
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    From your statements I suggest you take the bike to a mechanic.....there's always someone in the area that knows about these motors..
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    a fuel tank makes for a fine ashtray and ive found anyone doing process work starts doing silly things like that :) i would!

    yup. get a mechanic.

    whilst a motor is so simple it makes my head hurt, im sure theres things you find easy that i cant even attempt :(
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    Try runnin it that way, it may be that the floatbowl is full, shutting off flow. I know it sounds crazy, but these things have their endearing little quirks.:ack2:
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    I shook my tank. Some kind of eggs fell out. Made them flat. Petcocks are junk. I had casting in mine. an Ice pick fixed it. Look at everything before you ride it. Saves time in the long run.
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    If the fuel flows untill you hook up the filter, change the filter. And while yer at it give the tank a good flushing out AND unscrew the petcock and clean it. All simple stuff that you don't need to pay a mechanic for. Fuel filters are cheap, around $3 at O'Rielly's in the SMALL ENGINE DEPT.
    The tanks have a brittle paint that the cap chips every time you take it on and off. A lot of this winds up in the tank clogging the petcock filter. The petcock filter will unscrew from the petcock making it easier to clean. Anything that gets past the petcock filter will wind up in the inline filter. So it may be clogged beyond hope.
    So, Flush, Clean, Replace inline filter. You should be good to go.
    Big Red.
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    I suggest buying a second gas tank, and building it up, keep your current tank for a spare. Scuff sand entire tank, apply JB Weld to seam, and to base of mounting studs, to prevent wobble. Sand cured JB weld, prime and paint. Let primer dry couple days before topcoating.
    Let painted tank cure at least a month, before adding fuel. Replace stock petcock with a quality replacement. Got mine from Pirate Cycle.
    Remove petcock sock filter, and use a 1/4 " inline paper element small engine filter. Welding splatter, grit, metal shavings, will build up in filter. After couple tanks of gas, replace paper filter with sintered bronze Motorcycle filter. NAPA sells Tygon tubing by the foot. 1/4" dia. works perfect, hold in place with 3/ 16" fuel injection clamps. As for the cap, could have a bad vacuum vent, may rattle itself OK, check for vacuum hiss after engine conks out. Watch filter, to see if fuel flows, as soon as, you release vacuum.
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    ^^^all very good advice except the epoxy part.

    better, with a new tank, to use solder. especially the studs, theyre notorious for developing cracks and leaking! a good heavy iron and ACID core solder.(or plumbing flux...not electrical! electrical is merely pine sap rosin...same as violin bow stuff, doesnt eatch into steel and tin properly like acid does)

    rinse out with bi-carb solution to neutralise acid if pedantic.

    epoxy isnt really a permanent thing around petrol.

    if you "fix" a used tank with a flame or arc, wash it out well, using metho/acetone then water.

    or simply run a hose from a handy exhaust pipe and "asphyxiate" it :) its how they weld them in the shops. then charge a fortune cus they tell you they use bottled CO2, argon, nitrogen etc...

    old mates way of repairing dented tanks? a special cap with a spark plug, seriously!

    also, one little thing worth checking, is that the overflow/air vent to the carby bowl is open! its inside the air filter, a little hole under the throat on an NT carb. ive had one or two still full of stuff! a definite flow killer :(
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    ok guys I bought a new fuel filter and cleaned petcock and it flows! burt it will not stay running It will run for like 30 secs after I move choke then it dies!i also bought new spark plug thanks for feedback guys!
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    are you using the choke to start it and then quickly taking the choke off again once it's running?
  15. HeadSmess

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    either youre turning the choke ON instead of OFF and killing it, or the main jets blocked. did you clean your carby after getting a new filter?
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  16. daveet66

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    yeah it starts to die and I move choke halfwaty down it runs good for a min then dies
    and if I take it off it dies
  17. crassius

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    could still be a gas cap vent problem
  18. Purple Haze

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    Sounds like a carb problem. take it apart and make sure the main jet and the seat are clean and clear. Check the float, it's not unusual for them to stick or be adjusted wrong. Then if it still won't run right, move the throttle needle to richen it up. (clip down raises the needle to rich):rolleyes7:
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    Fuel Mixture

    How much oil do you have in the gas???? too much oil will make this engine do just what you are saying...
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    I think it was was 16 to 1 but I might have screwed up what do you recommend the bike onl;y has 20 miles