Gas leak at thread bolt

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by deercrossing, Jun 5, 2007.

  1. deercrossing

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    The tank has four thread bolts coming out of the tank so the tank can be tightend down. I have a leak coming from the bead joint where the bolt was jointed to the tank. Any ideas how to fix and has anyone found a bigger better tank I can purchase? Thanks!

  2. bigger better tank

    I have Whizzer tanks in stock 1.2 gallon TOP mounted, far better tank than any of the Chinese tanks I've handled over that last 7 years or so, Mike
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    try J B Weld...Tank sealer will cost to much for a small fix like that.....

    P.S. Mike How about a price on the 1.2gal tanks?
  4. OldPete

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    As per augi, we best do that via PM loco. :cool:
  5. I second the notion of a JB Weld repair!

    When I was in high school, I had a brokedick old Yamaha
    250cc motorcycle, and it's gastank leaked like a seive when
    I first got it. I JB Welded it up real good on the outside, and
    it was good to go!

  6. locoWelder

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    yes please lets do so :razz:
  7. deercrossing

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    J B Weld for the tank leak

    Thanks for the info about the J B Weld stuff. I am putting a second coat of the JB on now. As of this writing it seems to be a great fix. I have not put the gas cap on tight yet. I want to give the weld a chance to cure good before I put presure on the tank. I have looked to invest in a gal. tank. I wonder how the bike balances with the full gal. tank full of gas? I also used carpet padding under the tank. A real good fit.

    P. S. The DAX'S engine I have has run real good and the change of spark plug I feel has really helped on the hill power. I bought the plug that was recommended posted on this site. The Champion plug #L86C, has been great. The threaded part of the plug is somewhat longer than the DAX'S kit plug. what differerence this makes I don't know.

    Thanks for all the great info. You want to use the engine to hot rod or go faster buy a motorcycle.
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    Re: J B Weld for the tank leak

    You may want to remove the plug once in awhile so carbon doesn't build up on the threads where they go into the cylinder.

    I second the second part of what you said!