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    Hi everyone, I'm very new to the MB scene and just got my first MB last weekend (used). It's been an interesting 4 days so far as almost everyday I've come across some new "problem".

    Chain popped off day one, nothing too major I think, I got it back on that first day and it hasn't come off since.

    Second day I rode around for at least 5-7 miles and everything went smoothly.

    Third day (yesterday) I heard a rattling sound while riding and suddenly everytime I pedaled the crank was hitting the exhaust pipe. When I stopped to check it out I noticed the front motor brackets that attach motor to frame were really loose. I tightened them up and that pushed the exhaust back into position and everything went back to normal. I was happy again.

    Today on my way to work (about 2 mi) I heard another rattling/buzzing sound and noticed my gas tank was turning sideways. I manually pushed it back to norm position, slowed down to keep the vibration down, and once at work I tightened up the bolts. All good again... until I got home and went to wipe down the bike to keep it clean. I don't know the names of all the parts, but to paint a picture, I noticed that there was gas leaking out of the gas line itself or maybe from where the carb meets the engine??? Maybe the photos will help. From the look of the zoomed in pic I think it looks like the seal is bad where gas line drops down and connects. If so how could I fix that easily and is there are special procedures/precautions I should take to fix that? Before I left work there was no apparent leak.

    Total noob, I know :/ But I hope to learn more about this beast and keep it running as I need it to get to work and back. I won't be driving it until (hopefully) the issue is fixed because for one it's going to waste gas if dripping/leaking and two I'm not sure if this is unsafe and may catch fire(??). I got home three hours ago and there is now a gas stain about 8 inches in diameter on the garage floor. :(

    I love my MB, and I'm sure it just needs a little love. Can anyone please advise?!

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    I'm going to try to put a clamp on towards the base of the hose. Should I replace what I'm guessing is that bunched up teflon tape that is inside the bottom and seeping out of the hose??
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    Pull your line off the carb nipple ,trim 3/4 off it and clean that string off the nipple and reattach the fuel line. It is difficult to add a clamp there as the clearance is tight. But if what I said does not work they sell line clamps at hardware stores that will work, they are the type that you need a pliers to get on the hose.
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    black rubber line

    also... I replace my gas lines with high-quality black rubber "Gas Line" from auto parts store . this stays flexible and will seal better long term .
    the stock clear line gets hard over time and leaks .
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    Thanks for the input. I'll have my buddy drive me to the auto parts store and see if I can pick up the parts today!