Exhaust gas liquid build up in the exhaust...

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    i need help cuz atleast once a week my exhaust tubing gets a bunch of gas build up at the lowest part of it.. how can i prevent this because the tubing makes it ultra quiet and then when the liquid builds up... i get a high loss of power and the motor bogs and then it heats up to holy hellll... can someone help .. how do i mix 32 to one oil mix to get 20 to one? look at the pics of my bike and you will see the exhaust tubing and maybe get a better idea of why this is happening.. could it be because there is lots of indented spaces the exhaust air and fumes have to travel through?
    http://motoredbikes.com/album.php?albumid=977 it is the black bike.. the red one is something i built for a friend

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    That thin tube on your exhaust isn't a good idea - just get rid of it and problem solved. Your engine will run much better without the added restriction.

    Not too sure about the cowling around the engine either. Does it restrict air flow to the head and cylinder at all?

    For a 20:1 mix, add 1 part 2-stroke oil to 20 parts fuel. ie. 100ml oil to 2 litres of fuel
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    this is normal for 2 strokes, but it more than likey isn't gas that is building up...it's 2 stroke oil.
    the reason that you are getting a loss of power is because the cateletic converter thing (a.k.a. a useless peice of corrugated steel in the exhaust pipe) is getting plugged up with oil, causing low exhaust flow.
    the indented spaces you're talking about is the exhaust baffle, and you need this if you want to keep your exhaust quiet.

    normally 40:1 gas oil mix is 3.2 ounces of 2 stroke oil to one gallon of gas.
    3.0 ounces of 2 stroke oil to 1 gallon of gas is a 32:1 ratio.
    if you want to go from 32:1 to 20:1 you will be adding more oil to the gas. not less.
    chances are, you have too much oil in your gas/oil mix and that is partially why you are getting the build up in the exhaust.
    the lower the first #, number, the more oil you will add to the gas.
    16:1 has more oil in it than 32:1 for example.
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    well i took it off and now i gotta try something else..i want and need my bike to be quiet as they are illegal here.the plastics do not over heat the motor cuz there is a spacer that keeps the plastics off the motor.. there is atleast five inch clearence of air space before the motor. and next is a copper tube that goes down one inch from the muffler..i need ideas to use so i can make it quiet and money is not an issue
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    thine82, as I mentioned earlier, you need to be careful not to restrict the exhaust gas flow too much, or performance will suffer and, as you've discovered, the engine will run hotter. Avoid lengths of thin tubing as this will present a lot of resistance to the gas.

    I'm not sure what to suggest. I understand your need for quiet. I've stayed with the stock muffler for that reason, much as I'd like to fit an expansion chamber for performance.
    Maybe the answer is an expansion chamber with a really good muffler.
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    If a motorized bike is illegal there, then why did you put a motor on it in the first place?
    this really irritates me because i hear this ALL the time.
    everyone is worried about getting caught riding an illegally motorized bike, but they go ahead and put a motor on it even tho they know it's against the law, and then complain when it isn't quiet enough.
    don't you think the cop will see the trail of blue smoke coming out of the exhaust as you whizz past him?
    no matter what you do, there is no way to make a silent 2 stroke engine...it just isn't going to happen.
    if you want silent, you should go with electric.
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    Again, I agree, motorpsycho. Electrics are the future here in Oz. (In the US too, I'd say, by the sound of things.)
    My 2-stroke bike is really only for fun, my electric is the real workhorse, even if it is slow, at 25kph, (16mph). Every ride on the 2-stroke is risking a court appearance and fines. The electric is 100% legal.

    In my opinion, the stock exhaust on a HT engine is as quiet as you'd want. Any more muffling will only rob some of your meagre power.

    I just noticed how bad the above sounds. In reality, I've encountered at least 50 cops in the last 6 months, including once through a random breath testing station and twice through a drug testing station without the cops even raising an eyebrow. The worst I've had is a wink from one of the cops at the RBT station. If we ride sensibly, dress sensibly, have good lighting etc and keep to a decent speed, (<=50kph), there are no problems. Many people simply have good imaginations and get a bit worried about what might happen.
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    All the more reason to have lobbies,protests,and sign petitions.Or do as motorpsycho said and get electric.If people do not standing up for their rights or at least come to common ground with officials.there will be a day where It will be Illegal to drink a beer,ride a motorcycle If you make under 50 thousand a year,Clothing that will be outlawed,And other things.It does not Irritate me you are riding Illegally In n.y. It irritates me that not enough people get together peacefully and stand up for their rights.Which Is why more and more states and counties are passing restrictive laws.Thank soccer mom and her hummer for driving 1 mile to a charity event for this kind of problem we all face.