CVT Gas mileage question for people with Nuvinci hubs

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  1. I was curious if anybody knows if there gas mileage improved when using a Nuvinci CVP? Seems like it would because the RPMs could be kept low. Anybody been paying attention to it?

  2. I dont know but my 2-stroke with 44t and stock parts and cheap walmart bike scwhinn delmar with cheap roadmaster rear wheel i get 180mpg+ @ 30.6mph.
  3. i guess it all depends on how you would ride it. I went from a friction kit to a chain drive on the nuvinci hub and i noticed a substantial decrase in mpg. I ride pretty aggressively keeping the rpms in the power band most all of the time and my fuel consumption has suffered for it.

    I suppose if you like a lathargic boring ride (though your handle says other wise "breaksalltherules" =) than you could in fact get better mileage...
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    Well, logic always said a standard shift car always gets better mileage, that was mostly due to weight and using the clutch, but I have yet to try the auto hub, I am working on my first shiftkit bike with a 3-speed hub at the moment.

    I don't know about mileage, but when you are talking 3 gears and no clutch needed it seems a no-brainer for most people, then again, one less control on the handle bars is a good thing at the mileage we get even without a shifter.

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  5. Hey, thanks for the replies guys! I figured the Nuvinci has the potential for great gas millage and longer engine life due to the ability to control the RPMs (that is the biggest determining factor for fuel efficiency as far as the engine goes, correct?) I guess it would be pretty tempting to throttle it up though.
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    i would imagine a decrease in millage especially vs a friction drive.

    there is going to be some loss through the drive chain and fluid inside the hub.
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    The NuVinci is supposedly 90% efficient. You loose 10% due to internal slippage.
    You gotta take that into account when pondering fuel economy.
    Also, the NuVinci is not an automatic, just gearless. You still have to shift it with a handlebar controller.
    I wonder if the newer version is better, IE less internal slippage.
    I have heard that they are farming out the manufacturing now, and quality has suffered.
  8. Hmmm good point. Do you think a belt drive Nuvinci, from the reduction box to the hub, would be more efficient? I remember reading about CVT belts causing a power loss... also Nuvinci has a smaller, tougher, lighter and wider gear range CVP out now. Called the Nuvinci 360. Just FYI
  9. Gearnut, I was holding off on buying a Nuvinci untill the 360's came out so I'm very interested in any decreased manufacturing quality. Where did you read that? Thanks
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    I read it in this forum or the other one which I dare not speak it's name.
    It is hearsay, so take it with a grain of salt.
  11. I will, thank you very much.
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    I have a staton kit that has about 6-7K on it with a RS eh035 and I regularly get 200+MPG with it on long rides. This includes very large hills that it gears down on and climbs with ease. Top speed is crazy fast as well, and cruising my rpm's always stay the same when I have my throttle lock on I just shift up and down on the hills. My bike is a Specialized Big Hit (rather heavy downhill racing dual suspension mountain bike).
  13. Simply for fun factor im very little concerned with gas mileage when you have the ability to sound like an actual sport bike. I have yet to do a mileage test since i upgraded the exhaust on my gp460 from a happy time pipe to the daves motors dominator pipe but i pulled up to about 50mph today. Its hard to just cruise with that motor though because the power spike is so aggresive but without the nuvinci hub it wouldnt be anywhere near as fun to ride... there is no better piece of gear for aggressive or hilly motored biking than the nuvinci, imo.
  14. Sniper, using the eho35 with the NuVinci, do you feel that you have enough power to pull a bike trailer with 60-80 lbs of gear up mountain roads? Thanks!
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    Yes it would do that quite easily, but you wouldnt be able to go faster than a walking pace. Mine is geared so that the slowest speed that I can go is about 5 mph without smoking my clutch. Staton-inc used a nuvinci hub bike to pull a pickup truck across their parking lot with the prototype bike when they first started building them. Its all in the gearing mine has the staton gearbox and a 20T sprocket on the gearbox with a 27T on the hub, I run a 24 inch rear tire.
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    What is an RS eho35 ?
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    Robin Subaru model # for the 1.6 hp 4 stroke.
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    Ok, Thank you. Geeez.. No wonder the guy gets 200 mpg with a Nuvinci ! It has a piston the size of a thumb