1. Quenton Guenther

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    We are currently conducting gas mileage tests. We will average the results and report the true numbers.

    During some past mileage tests on competitve kits we found the claims off by a large margin [claimed 175 MPG, but best tests yielded under 120 MPG].

    I have been testing the EZM kit, both manual and Q-Matic versions over the last year. The automatic gets about 10% less than the manual version. My tests only tell the story with a light rider on mostly level ground and very little stopping & starting. We hope to compile data with heavier riders, hilly roads, and more city style riding conditions to arrive at an honest, accurate average number.

    So far our tests with the EZM drive systems make the cost of operation approx 1.5 cent per mile at current fuel prices, not bad considering the fuel useage of the average SUV. Most SUVs average more than ten times the fuel consumption during short trips than the EZM system.

    Have fun,

  2. MikeJ

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    Here is my contribution:

    240 lb rider, 26 in wheels, 80/66 cc engine, with jackshaft, same road with some hills:

    At 25 mph average speed in fifth gear, I get right around 100 mpg
    At 15 mph average speed in fourth gear, I have reached 120 mpg.
    Wind drag is definitely a factor.
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  3. Mileage figures

    Hi all, this spring I rode EZM with Honda engine Manual clutch model, rider is 300 lbs, I got 72 Miles mostly WOT on 1 3/4 liters of Arco Regular gas.

    Here are my ratios 15.64 final drive 26x2.195 Cheng Shin "City Traveler" tires on 2.125 trype rims, 1963 Murray middleweight tank bike (no tank).

    This is with 1 folding basket, carrying, tool bag, and gas can to support 3 bikes with the 2L tanks!

    This is extremely good I think.

  4. fm2200

    fm2200 Member

    I weigh 180 and have the 80cc with a 40T sprocket, some hills not many and I get at best 60 mpg and I do not exceed 25 mph ever (vibration). I most often just cruise at 15 to 20 mph.
  5. machiasmort

    machiasmort Active Member

    As far as my HT, I get 150 (never less) mpg and up to 225mpg. 80 cc BGF motor, 44t sprocket, 145lb rider... 26" mb...

    Secrets and Spy VS Spy stuff??? Maybe that's why Large hasn't been on.... After his clutch Mod., the Government UFO's gazorkked him up!!!
  6. Quenton Guenther

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    New gas mileage tests

    I am posting a reminder to gather data about gas mileage.

    Please post information about actual gas mileage on 4 stroke motors.

    Please post information on 2 stroke motors but add the amount of oil used per gallon if possible.

    Any information concerning riding styles and gearing would be helpful.

    We are currently testing the 49 CC four stroke motors [Honda & HS] with our drive system and have arrived at numbers hard to believe [180 to 200 MPG].

    We want to gather information concerning the benefits of fuel savings with motorbikes.

    Information concerning the price of gas or oil isn't needed because we plan to average the results and divide the data into 2 catagories, 4 stroke & 2 stroke.

    We hope to conclude how thrifty a motorbike can be, but plan to use data that isn't "hyped" or inflated.

    We hope the data will help the Motorbiker in several ways, first to help our government see the major value in energy savings, less polution [Green], and reduce the dependency on foriegn oil. We also hope that motorbikes will be viewed as an optional form of transportation for the errands we all now use our cars, truck & SUVs for.

    As an example. the K-Mart is 20 miles from my home, and the average cost is $5.00 in my Chevy Mini Van. Which means I spent $5.00 [2 gallons of gas] for a round trip to purchase 2 cans of spray paint last week. Yesterday I rode my EZ bike, purchased another 2 cans of spray paint and the transportation cost was approx 25 cents. This means I could make the same trip to K-Mart 20 times to equal one trip in my van.

    Currently a motorbike is viewed as a toy by some, but we think it is an economical mode of transportation and is also fun. Motorbikes, moped, and scooters are a major form of transportation throughout the world, so why not in the USA?

    As a youth in Ohio I remember the "Sunday afternoon drives", however today the same event would damage our budget, but the same "Sunday afternoon drive" with several motorbikers wouldn't even dent our travel funds.

    Have fun,
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  7. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I was getting approx 190-200 mpg while using the stock silent drive
    I went down to 180-185 mpg when I went to taller gearing for pulling the trailer
    I am in the testing phase of the new Q-matic and will post results when i get enough mileage to figure out the mpg

    these numbers are for rider weight of 150,
    trailer and cargo(girls) weight of approx100 lbs
    very steep/long hills (the town I live in is only 20 sq miles, but the elevation changes 1600 ft !!!)
  8. Snake Bite

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    Great thread Bill

    Bill I am Just Now Building out the Q-Matic. and am going to Put speedos on to watch My Milage.. Keep Up the good work and soon I want to get out and ride with you and Maybe Lenny.. I Posted as I want to be Notified when You get responce On this Basic topic.. Later My friend Helmutt
  9. bluegoatwoods

    bluegoatwoods Well-Known Member

    Once I measured 144 miles on one galllon. Another time I measured 128. So let's call the average 135 or so. Burnt 3.2 oz of oil. This is a 49 cc happy time with a 44 tooth sprocket.
  10. jbcruisin

    jbcruisin Member

    I'm not certain about my gas mileage, but I've run out of gas a few times. When my wife asks me why I tell her that it goes so long on a tank full that I forget to check it. :)
  11. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    Please contribute!!

    I am not able to ride long enough (time constrants and this is a hobby at this point) to give a good answer to the question, however I am looking to the future where this may be my means of transportation to work (and more than a night/weekend hobby)....the figures people give today could help me in my decision in the future.:helmet:
  12. KCvale

    KCvale Motorized Bicycle Vendor

    I have a new build with 3-speed hub and jackshaft.
    I think I have the speedo/computer working now, I will reset it and fill up and let you know as I want to know myself.

    One thing I know for sure, the motor speeds a lot more time at idle while I coast full speed than my straight drive bikes.
    Sure you can hold the clutch in but I never did, and driving that second chain through the clutch had a lot more drag than the jackshaft kits single chain and coaster hub + crank freewheel clutch.

    I expect 100 miles per 2.5L tank even with the high break-in ration gas/oil mix minimum.
  13. snipertrr8

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    I have a Staton Nuvinci setup on a Specialized "Big Hit" downhill bike. It weighs 68 lbs with the tank full + me at 180 lbs. I have been averaging 200 mpg with the best being 211. This is cruising at 25 mph with some pretty large hills. I leave the throttle set a little over 1/2 (I have a throttle lock cruise control) and I just change the hum gear ratio on the fly up and down the hill. I go slow up the hills and hit 45-60 on the downhill in overdrive so it all evens out on the milage. I have gone on several 100+ mile trips lately and have cleared 30 miles many times on a standard Robin Subaru EHO35 21 oz tank ( it leaves 1 oz in the bottom when dry). Couldnt be happier with the bike. I am going to try a test on a 10 mile flat stretch this fall on a calm day and run at idle at about 15 mph and see if I can break 300 mpg. I bet I get close. I run 10 psi overpressure in my smooth tread tires for lower rolling resistance.
  14. Chris Crew

    Chris Crew Member

    I have 2 49 cc HT's from Zoombicycles
    1 on modern cruiser, 1 on 1937-41 Cleveland
    160# rider moderate hills 350' above sea level
    Both seem to return about 70-75 mpg no careful or controled tests, just observations
  15. I get far less MPG. Think its anly around 80MPG. I almost always have it reved right now, near top speed.
  16. robin bird

    robin bird Member

    Wondering what your engine drive sprocket size is ? now mine is 12 teeth - later iam putting on a 10 tooth for better hill pulling power on my Subaru 35
  17. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I haven't calculated the mileage on my 49cc HS-engined bike yet as I haven't ever completely filled the tank. I was quite surprised at the mileage I recorded on one full tank of gas (1.2 gal) I ran through my Whizzer (138cc). It came in at right around 104mpg with my fat carcass on the seat. Most of that mileage was on relatively flat terrain.
  18. What Big Hit do you have? Is it the larger travel (like FSR) or the less travel (like the spec versions).

    Would be a sweet setup.
  19. professor

    professor Active Member

    Did a sloppy check last week before installing a 3 speed jackshaft between the engine and rear end, got 14 miles on 2 cups of gas = around 110 mpg.
    Expecting that to be a bigger number now that the engine is much more relaxed.
  20. Quenton Guenther

    Quenton Guenther Motored Bikes Sponsor

    Hi Professor,

    Which motor are you using?

    Have fun,