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  1. hello wut do you guys recomend the mixture to be after break in

  2. andynogo

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    Depends on motor. Mine's 30 to 1. (16 to 1 for break in.)
  3. arceeguy

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    Anything from 24:1 to 32:1 should be fine. I use 32:1
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    For those using a 32:1..what engine do you have (these Chinese 49CC and the 68CC's). How long have you been using a 32:1?
  5. i have a chinese 68cc engine
  6. arceeguy

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    I ran 32:1 on a 66cc from BoyGoFast for about 700 miles. Sold that engine, and I now have a 50cc slant head Grubee that has 120 miles. The first 50 miles or so were at 20:1, now on 32:1.
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  7. mattysids

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    well it really depends on how you ride. if you are WOT all the time then you would probably want 24:1, however the average rider can easily run 32:1

    i use 24:1 just to be safe, as these engines are not exactly the best in terms of precision engineering and more lubrication is a buffer against the friction caused by this
  8. arceeguy

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    I totally disagree. If your mixture is too lean, running 24:1 or 32:1 won't make much of a difference. Outboard motors run 50:1 WOT all day long. The advantage of more oil (to a point) is greater compresssion due to more oil sealing the rings to the cylinder wall. Disadvantages to more oil are plug fouling and carbon deposits.
  9. mattysids

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    well of course it won't help in the situation of a too lean mixture. I'm just saying that these 2 strokes are very temperamental and if you use nice oil like Lucas semi-syn then the issue of fouling is not even a second thought. After break in, i have not changed a spark plug yet.
    Also, my engine just seems to run smoother and cooler with 24:1 as opposed to 32:1
  10. Bryan Smith

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    I've always run 32:1 in all my two cycle engines and have never had a problem. Try to Avoid 2 cycle outboard oil as it is not made for the higher temperatures of air cooled engines (unless it says you can use it on the bottle).
  11. arceeguy

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    I'm not totally convinced that outboard 2 stroke oil is that bad for a Happy Time engine, or typical weed trimmers and leaf blowers. No doubt, it is not good for "high performance" air cooled two strokes like those found in dirt bikes and even some water cooled engines in PWC because of the deposits it leaves on the power valves. (jamming them)

    I'm running out of my stash of Mobil 1 2T synthetic, and I'll probably just buy a gallon of 2 cycle outboard oil since it is inexpensive. The Mobil 1 was overkill for my lawn equipment and bicycle engines anyway. (but I got it cheap on close out)
  12. Bryan Smith

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    I guess I have to admit I'm just repeating the warnings I've heard from others about outboard oil. I've used Pennzoil marine premium plus 2-cycle oil (Tc-w3) for years in all my air cooled engines and none ever showed any ill effects.
    I recently changed, due to reading the warnings on different internet forums.

    I am convinced that 32:1 mix is the best all around mix for small engines. If you don't know what the original recommended fuel oil mix is, then 32:1 is a good safe bet. Not too much oil to make it smoke and drip and not too lean to cause rapid wear.
    Just my $.02