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    What's to this site..been building bikes and motors for 10 years..was the lead guy for Spookytooth when we were in Bisbee Arizona ..I recently opened RPMCYCLE in Roseburg Oregon building bikes and performance engines as well as parts. ..We plan rides every weekend and usually have 10-15 bikes attend. ..This weekend is a 125 mile run to the coast for a beach bonfire and crabing..glad I found this page...ill try to answer and questions thrown my way if I can help... :)

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    Tell us some Spookytooth stories.

    The Spookytooth Death races are dead but we are still racing motorized bikes in SoCal.
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    Nice to meet you fellow Zonie.

    Were you with ST when they got the AZ motorized bike law enacted?
    ST was instrumental in that.

    Nice to have you around ;-}
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    Welcome to the forum! Remember a poster named Torque? Wonder what happened to him after he lost his court cases?
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    Yes I was at spooky when Roland went to the Az legislative board and got the law changed. made such a huge difference. .we used to have the video of it on the website. .but since the business changed might not sure if it's on there anymore. .