Fuel Mixture gas/oil mix 6oz ??

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    i got a 49cc +plus bike from Craigslist few weeks back and there was 1/4 tank of gas in it , now i don't know how long this gas been in there as now i only drove about 5 miles with it so far (due to sorting registration for it )now i found a bit of paper in a bag that the gentleman wrote on saying(( 7-17-2009 started 3rd gallon of gas @6oz to 1 gallon of gas odo mile was 197 miles ))i looked at 16/1 is 8oz of oil ???so what is 6oz even the 2 gallon gas can he gave me says 6oz to gallon on it ? and the odo meter now only reads 398 miles ,so in 4 years he drove just short of 200 miles so wonder if this is same gas or he not put much more in and if the gas been stood for a while saying that the bike runs jumpy to start it up then runs ok until i get to 23mpg then it seams its struggling to get power but then again i not took it out for long run , but hope that i will next week , i got some gas for a tiller @ 50/1mix can i put that in and see if it will run better or what do i been to check .and what does a 4 year old 49cc run like ???.

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    Fuel oil mix brakein

    I have been told that it is 16/1 for 500Km Brake in then it goes to 3% and of 32-1 after 500KM
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    Looks like he mixed @ 24:1 which is a good break-in ratio. I'd dump it and start fresh, as gas spoils after about 3 months.You're just asking for trouble using old gas, the octane will be way down, and sludge and varnish will be way up. Keep a close eye on the crank seals, they don't age well, and will cause a loss of compression, losing a lot of power. Try to find ethanol-free gas, ethanol not good in a 2 stroker.
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    That is bad info from the Chinese motor factories that keeps getting spread by newbies.

    16 to 1 ratio is 8 oz of oil to a gallon which is way too much.
    Will make your motor and exhaust a big oily mess and carbon it up and not run cleanly.

    Don't use more than 6 oz of oil in the first gallon and even that much is not necessary.
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    32:1 from the start, break in has nothing to do with oil
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    I prefer a LOT of oil at the start to slide over rough spots and push them flat like a steam roller rather than shear them off. I go to 32:1 pretty quickly tho. These are not machined like american parts.
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    Finnished my Conversion.

    Your right 65mL/1L gave be a foul mess with combination of Blue and White smoke and a Oil fouled plug I think it is not running hot enough 4 Hours and 6KM later. so it is 45mL/1L right? At lease it let me know that my Plug was not in tight enough. and it will not screw in straight and what you might say I did screw it in by Hand and it went in easy. I still can't get it running choke off. I'v Tightened the cable and Adjusted the Idle screw. they say to turn it all the way in and then let it out 4 and 1/2 turns but I still cant get it to run with out a 20% choke. and I still have to get it up to 11Km/h to get the engine not to buck like a bronco.:veryangry: Do I have the chain too tight? I have seen people rig up a floating chain tension device... it is just a bar and an Adjustable spring and the pulley on the end of the Bar. Also they tell you to not use synthetic... I am assuming this is because It dose not Vaporize at Normal engine temperature. so the guys at the shop that I bought the kit from gave me semi synthetic. and I guess I just keep adding less oil. I guess the Min is 4ounces/Gallon right?
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    Complete and utter nonsense. lol
    Your statement is based on ignorance and wishful thinking.
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    Ok so what would You recommend? I have never Owned a Murder cycle let alone a 2 stroke the closest I have been is a 50cc 4 Cycle on a Kart. And Yes I fell off today but that was my foolishness I tried to start the engine peddling once all I did was fall on my side and Smash my throttle grip:dunce: and I work in Litres not gallons so My current is 16/1 and 65ml to 1 Litre should I reduce it by 10 mL say 55ml to 1 Litre or is it even less I was given a Bottle for mesuring but It is all on Imperial and I am a Metric Boy...
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    what the beeping beep reduce by ten and add 16 to the third power of...

    just follow the label on the back...metric is easy... 25:1...200ml/5l, 50:1, 100ml/1L, 32:1 somewhere in between... aint rocket science but ive always been perfectly happy with 50:1...
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    possibly so, but absent a good slow motion, microscopic video of new parts running in, I'll continue to guess that babbitt metal bearings and the soft coating on new rings have some purpose other than decoration
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    YEAH I know 32:1 146ml/4.7L but now i have no power. before I did 16:1 and just made 1L of fuel that is 63ml/1l it was smokey but I had more power. why would i not have power?
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    You could check your carb settings, but my first guess is that the mix didn't make the difference - I'd be looking for something leaking compression or something that has come loose.
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    more oil= less fuel=leaner running, which multiplied by the overly large jet, results in a closer to ideal stoichiometric ratio, therefore, more power, despite there also being a lot more smoke... go down a few sizes in jet and realise that with the correct amount of oil AND the correct air/fuel ratio, that theres even MORE power to be found...

    dont spend too much time fussing over oil ratios, getting accurate to the last few drops. find a ratio you like, and stick with it, using the same containers each batch. me myself i, i use 50:1 for all premixers, and my other, injected 2 smokers...they run at around 500:1, if the twenty odd tanks of 10l each still havent used up a litre of oil...hard to believe, what with the smoke cloud they make when cold!
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    mine tended to run good with 16:1 It did not drip or carbonize much So Ill stick with it for 200Km...