Gas/Oil Mix Ratio for 70cc 2-Stroke?

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    I ordered a 70cc motor kit from Ebay seller boygofast. The user manual only gives the gas/oil mix ratio for his 48cc and 80cc motors, I had to email him to get the 70cc gas/oil mix ratio. I know it's his motor and all and I probably shouldn't be questioning his directions but the ratio doesn't sound right to me. In his user manual it says to use 25:1 for the break-in period and 30-35:1 after the break-in period for the 48cc motor, and 20:1 for the break-in period and 30-35:1 after the break in period for the 80cc motor, but for the 70cc he says to use 16:1 for the break-in period and 20-25:1 after the break-in period. Does this sound right to you guys? It seems odd to me that it's 25:1 for 48cc, 16:1 for 70cc, and 20:1 for 80cc, why's the 70cc gas/oil mix ratio lower than the 48cc AND 80cc? I don't know much about this kinda stuff and I just want to make sure I put the right mix in my bike so I don't screw it up.

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    go with 32:1 for any ball bearing 2 stroke and you'll have plenty of reserve oil not to worry about engine life.

    I personally run 40:1 but I'm using magic oil that comes from a special bean that cannot be imported legally into the USA because the bean contains a deadly poison that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction.
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    He means castor oil.

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    Darnit BSA, you stole my thunder!
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    Can we use castor oil from a supermarket and pharmacy? Or is special purpose engine castor oil needed?
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    NO NO NO. You need AA first press degummed castor. Castor from a pharmacy or supermarket often has sugar in it, isn't degummed, isn't first press from the castor bean, and doesn't have additives needed to stabilize it and prevent oxidation.

    Castor Sources:
    Motorbike shops often carry maxima 927 or Klotz supertechniplate

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    Skyliner70cc has WMD's in his fuel tank.
    No wonder everone is terrified to pass him on the road.
    The government is probably working on an export strategy to send Skyliner70cc and his WMD's back to their place or origin.

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    WMD's from a bean? What are you guy's smokin?
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    an amount equivalent to a half a grain of sand (500 micrograms) of ricin is a lethal dose in humans if exposure is from injection or inhalation