Gas Resistant Clear Coat

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  1. :confused:Can anyone recommend a clear coat that is gas resistant? My tank dribbles gas a bit, and it's messing up the spray can clear coat on my bike.


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    Clear it with....

    Rattle can clear coats will NOT work. Go to your local auto paint store and purchase PPG DCU2042 Clear, PPG DT87OQ Reducer, and PPG DCX61 H/S Hardner.
    It's all expensive so purchase the smallest portioned cans possible. Mix 4:1:1 and shoot about four coats. Will Work well, and turns a rattle can paint job into a show piece. -EZ:cool:
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    Klass Kote is a 2 part epoxy paint, availabe in colors and clear. Spray it with an air brush or automotive sprayer. Thin with laquer thinner from the hardware store. Tough as nails, and gas, alcohol and nitro proof. Its good stuff. Buy it online. Type in Klass Kote in your search. Put metal flake or pearl in the clear, get it from "paint with pearl" website.
  4. Bummer there's seeminly no spray can epoxy clear. Or is there?
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    Color match

    Hello, have been using Color Match spray paints for years on my vintage outboards and have had zero trouble! Its the best paint and clear coat you can purchase in a can. Schucks Auto Sup.. sells it. Ask for Color Match engine gas and oil resistent clear coat. It comes in high gloss and satin. Hey dude this stuff works! All of my outboards are at least 60 years old or older and they leak gas but this clear coat holds up.