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  1. Darkspartan239

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    So I recently acquired a McCulloch ProMac 32 CC engine, and I am wanting to mount it on a razor E300 electric scooter a friend gave me. What would be the best setup to go with for this project? I would like to get over 25-30 MPH on it, if its possible.

    Thanks for the help!

  2. def215

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    what kind of motor is it that you have, chainsaw or weedeater?

    friction drive might be the best bet to keep things simple IMO. i have a goped that i bolted a LEHR propane engine to.


    please excuse the appearance of it. its a bit rough but it still runs like a top. ive been able to get it up to 25 mph with a few mods like long runner intake manifold, exhaust, and non-rev limited coil from a Zenoah engine running a 0.850 inch spindle. but my motor is only 25cc. i have no doubts youll hit your target speed without any issues with a 32cc motor:D
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    Use the existing chain+sprockets. They're already a fine ratio for a gas engine and 25-30mph. Take the small sprocket off the electric motor and attach that on your engine. I did this on a razor 350watt dirt bike.
  4. dchevygod

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    They made a Pro-Ped stock from Goped that had a lehr propane motor. The deck was in the shape of a leaf LOL. But it was a GSR chain drive. They are really the same as a robin Subaru eho25 with a propane carb.

    At OP yes friction is the easy way but an actuall ridable scoot or bike needs a manual or centrifugal clutch so it doesn't die at a stop and u can use the power to accelerate from a standing start. I love my OG goped sports and bigfoots but its more of a toy than reliable wheels for an adult unless it has an ADA clutch and more power then were moving some people, but hard tires are hell on my body so I stick with air tires, suspension is nice on my hybrid custom Axel mount bike. 50+ is fun, I hate it though I need disk brakes soooo bad! My avatar bike "with all the goodies" was my first build and it was stolen, I'm reduced to a free wally world bike. Quality on what your starting with is key to a good result.