Gas tank cap?

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    Well im in the need of a new cap for my gas tank (i use the standard one that comes with the HT gas bike kits).....the little spring loaded knob that would jut out of the side of the cap broke off when my little brother was messing around with it ....i(coincidentially he also broke my clutch lever the day earlier, but i fixed that...needless to say hes not coming near that bike for a while)....its being held down by tape right now

    but would anyone know where to just get the cap for one? so far ive only been able to find whole tanks, with caps and fuel line....

    (seriously, why couldnt they have just made it a twist cap like every other gas tank in the world)

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    thanks....surprised i forgot about that even registered there
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    no problemo
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    The same thing happened to my bike yesterday. I'm glad it didn't happen to me while I was riding or I'd have to ride with one hand on the cap to keep fuel from splashing me.