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Discussion in 'Rack Mounted Engines' started by Timcycle, Jun 30, 2007.

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  1. Timcycle

    Timcycle Guest

    I have the 35cc Subaru Robin engine on my bike ~ and loving it.
    However, to fill the tank it has to be at a near 45 degree angle. hmmm.

    Has anyone come up with different - larger - tanks?
    Or is there one that screws on the opening of the one that is already installed?

    See it here:

    Motorcycle guys smile the biggest when I cruise by.

  2. Esteban

    Esteban Active Member

  3. GASOLINE TANKS Discussion

    I have the same engine and problem. I get a better filling angle by putting the rear wheel on a milk crate before filling. :grin:
  4. Timcycle

    Timcycle Guest

    Me too.

    Yes. Me too. I have to prop it up, pour in gas, tap the side to get the air bubble out, pour in more to top, and cap.

    I was thinking about making a connection on my gas can made of hose.

    Then I would feed the hose to the back of the tank and then fill it up, possibly forcing the air out. But, then I have a dripping gassy hose to deal with when pulling it out.

    Another idea is to get a duplicate or near duplicate tank and hook them together side by side, and connect them in some fashion. I can't really figure how to connect the large tanks that are for sell in a safe way.

    The tank in the link is good. However, the GEBE does not have that center platform for the tank to set on.

    Any ingenious engineering ideas on this concept can
    be posted here.

  5. Fill your GEBE R/S 35cc tank ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP (NO AIR)

    Here is how to fill your fuel tank all the way to capacity by eliminating the air bubble -

    You can hang your bike from the ceiling by the rear wheel :razz: or do this -

    1) Raise your wheel a tiny bit off the ground, about 12" is fine if the engine is mounted in a vertical orientation.
    2) Fill your tank until the gas is 1/2" from the top of the filler neck.
    3) At this time, there will be an air bubble in the tank opposite the filler neck.
    4) Take a piece of tubing about 20" long (or a long straw) and
    .....A) Put your finger over one end of the tubing.
    .....B) Push the other end of the tubing all the way into the tank until it reaches the top of the air bubble on the opposite side of the tank.
    .....C) Remove your finger from the end of the tubing.
    .....D) Watch the air bubble escape through the tube. NO MORE air bubble! :grin:
    .....E) Remove the tubing.
    .....F) Fill up the rest of your fuel tank to the top of the filler tube.

    This method allows you to fill the fuel tank to full capacity with no air bubble in the system! :shock:
  6. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    "moved and bumped* to ask "Has anybody found a 48 oz. tank for the RackMounters to easily change out for Tanakas?

    Something has slowed my "linking", and that Staton site took forever last time, probably stall today,

    but if memory serves, the link was to a 96 oz. and I want something in the 50 oz. range.
  7. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    8) the 96oz tank was included in STATON'S ROBIN 35cc friction drive kit. it mounts atop the drive housing, but i doubt if it'd position well with the rear/chain drive. it'd probably work w/GEBE or other kits, with a rack.i filled it up w/80oz. gas once, 2 weeks ago. i've got 40 oz left, even after spilling some in a leak.
    in my case, the stock 32oz tank would work better than a 48oz/96oz unit. :cool:
    BTW, i'm also loving my ROBIN 35cc engine. i'm liking it even BETTER since i lowered the engine's idle(less noise and vibration while coasting, or at a stop.) 8)
  8. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    That 32 oz tank? I haven't seen it.

    Does it have an item number? Which engine is that "stock" on?

  9. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :? oops...
    sorry, i meant 22oz tank.
  10. Hive

    Hive Guest

    Mount Engine

    Maybe best bet is to mount engine so tank is vertical.

    If a 4-cycle, checking oil and fill will be occasional problem requiring bike to raised...2-cycles are already set to vertical by GEBE, at least mine T-3300 came already set.

    These are 360 motors.
  11. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Part of the 1.5 liter fuel tank hunt is going on in another category:

    I'm going to see if I can trace the Tanaka version in this thread, which should retro-fit without hassles.....(having to do it peicemeal, my connection will cut off every two or three minutes sometimes, so if the search takes 15 minutes, grrrrrr !)

    Main Tanaka Purefire page:

    Parts Central section:

    And I am now detoured due to the Adobe Reader Quicksand.....send a rescue party if I don't return in 24 hours !!

    Update: I abandoned the quest, e-mailed Tanaka, await their reply.

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  12. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Well, not exactly what I was expecting (was hoping to unbolt the 22 oz. and replace with the 1.5 liter )...

    Here's the link---> 1

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  13. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:Bama, it looks like the same goped tank, maybe with different mounts for more $$. i guess it comes with the cap, so if you had to buy the cap, it's about the same price as the one i found. if you already have the cap, mine is a better deal.

    good, it seems like the quest for a larger tank is over.

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  14. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

  15. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Bumping again, for new member hmacks who wrote:

    Butch has done the "real deal", but not on a Tanaka.

    Staton has a 96 oz. which cost $25 or so, hooks up to the existing mount holes on a Tanaka 32/33.

    5 7 Heaven has a 1.5 liter, (50 oz) but we are waiting on pix and a review. His thread is in Bicycles and Parts, etc....

    Meanwhile, project at hand is helping our Robin/Suburu 35cc crowd, where frame mounting seems to be a pre-requisite to making a good auxillery fuel system.

    Then the Tanakas could duplicate, once the bugs are out.

    So the Tanaka status is "still in research mode", doing the frame-mounting first.....

    I carry 2 spare canisters, have a 100-125 mile range at present, shooting for 200 miles with my spares....
  16. hmacks

    hmacks Guest

    any big gebe fuel tanks for tanaka 32?

    I'm trying to solve this problem with my tanaka 32. Any idea's? Mys son has a dax bike w/the 1/2 gallon tank it and it goes forever. My puny gebe tank is annoying me now that we built my sons bike.
  17. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    Optomitrist thread:

  18. larymor

    larymor Guest

    R/S35 fuel tank resolution and muffler..

    Are we getting anywhere on the GEBE R/S35 fuel tank issue? Don't seem to be. The one where someone adds a motorcycle looking tank using a turned around rear rack is OK but I don't know if all of us want to do that type of tank. I would prefer something that doesn't make the bike look like a motorcycle and sit right between my legs. Anyone else have any success? What about a muffler on this machine? How about we start a thread dealing specifically with the GEBE R/S35 gas and muffler problems. What works on the 2strokes will not always work on this specific setup, so if there are other owners of this machine out there with similar, or other problems..ideas, please chime in.
  19. 5-7HEAVEN

    5-7HEAVEN Guest

    :cool:i had a STATON 96 oz tank atop my friction drive unit. too big, i think, although ya don't have to fill up.
    i believe 32oz would be enough for me.soo, i bought a new 1-liter goped tank w/$19billet cap on ebay for $12.51. just need to bolt down and plumb into my 22oz MITSUBISHI engine.
    JMO, my 35cc ROBIN engine did not need a muffler,when it was installed on my DAHON bike. one pedestrian stated that my engine was very quiet at idle. also, no complaints from cyclists, joggers or police.
  20. DougC

    DougC Guest

    Sort-of about motorcycles, sort-of not.....

    Side question (concerning building tanks)....

    I have found a few motorcycle bungs for sale here and there. Often a pair of bungs for a Harley dual-tank setup, like this one:

    My question is (if you know about motorcycles) one if these looks just like a typical tank bung intended for a vehicle that takes unleaded gas (that is, it's got a small filler hole). The other is wide open.
    I've found a few different sets of these, and they're always two different bungs--just like this set.

    Why are these different, if they're intended for the same motorcycle? That most-likely runs off unleaded gas nowadays anyway? Is the wide one for leaded gas? (-and does anywhere in the US even still sell leaded gas?.....)