Gas tank leak? Any Ideas

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  1. anthony1973

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    I noticed today by my gas tank on the left side thread where the bracket mounts I have a very minor leak.Could not see any cracks.I sanded The area by the thread and used some gas and oil resistant seal all sealant and adhesive.I hope this works.If not I may try mounting a 1 gallon dirt bike tank on It.Anyone got any better Ideas.I am all ears.

  2. GearNut

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    You could pressure test the gas tank under water to find where it bubbles. That will show the leak for sure.
    Follow the rest of this thread at your own discretion. If anyone cannot not follow what I am saying, and you blow your head off, I don't want to know. I did not force you to do this. Do it at your own risk.
    Once the leak is found, wash out the tank thoroughly with laundry detergent and HOT water, yes, laundry detergent. Old fashioned Tide works best, not these new fangled bleach alternative things. After that it is safe to weld ONLY if a hose from a co2 tank is placed inside the fuel tank and the co2 tank is turned on and left on while the welding is done. In a pinch, I have used water and dry ice placed inside the gas tank. The co2 gas must have completely displaced any and all available air inside the gas tank, and you do not want to stop the co2 filling of the gas tank untill all welding is done
    Keep an eye on the dry ice method, although it does last a while.
    I have welded 7 tanks and never ever even had a poof from any of them.
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  3. Al.Fisherman

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    While pressurizing the tank, take a solution of dish detergent and water (like kids bubble blowing mixture) and apply with a brush. Soap will bubble at leak. Easier then dunking in a tub of water.

    As far as the repair I do it differently, without adding water to tank. I use the exhaust from a gas burner to kill the gas, then use a torch and brass.
  4. anthony1973

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    Al,I think I will try your Idea out.Seems a little bit easier.And the leak I located Is so small.It's almost not there.Thanks guys,You rock harder than Iron Maiden!!!!!:cool:
  5. Quik set. JB weld workewd 4 me
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    very important to follow Gearnut's above posted instrustions when welding on any gas tank if it has ever had gas in it...
  7. Al.Fisherman

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    I never, never add water to a fuel tank......

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    Guys,Al Is like the Rick Flair of motored bikes and small engines.WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Space mountain.We all have good Ideas,But Al Is light years beyond my skill set:bowdown:.I dig his Idea on how to use exhaust to kill off gas fumes.Gonna patch this bad boy up tomorrow.BTW,Got the carb ready to send sometime next week bud.I promise.It won't be late.